I am a Crazy Cat Lady

So as a brand new blogger, I feel the need to introduce myself to whomever out there might be reading this (hi Mom): My name is Julia. I am seventeen years old. And I am a crazy cat lady.


I say this not because I go around doing this, because I don’t (or at least not in public), but because – now here comes the depressing part where you all go “AWWW! THAT SUCKS!!” – my cat Jesse died a few weeks ago, and now my other cat Willy is really sick with seizures and might not live that much longer.

I found out yesterday night at around 11:00 PM and I’m currently skipping a Christmas party I really wanted to go to because I don’t want to leave him alone, because I have a massive fear of being alone, myself, thanks to an unfortunate zip lining experience in Costa Rica over the summer (word to the wise: don’t take me zip lining ever again, emphasis on the EVER). So while I have a perfectly justifiable reason to leave Willy by himself for a few hours, involving spiced cider and Christmas cookies, I just can’t make myself do it.

So instead I decided to make a blog. (Aren’t you all so happy?)

And yeah. That’s basically my intro post. Let’s recap:

  • My name is Julia.
  • I am seventeen years old.
  • I am a crazy cat lady.
  • And I am terrified of zip lines.

Such pertinent facts. 🙂

… And now that I’ve basically just rambled on and on and made a humungous fool of myself, I’m going to go back to watching cute kitten videos on Youtube.



7 thoughts on “I am a Crazy Cat Lady

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  4. Aww, zip lines? Sorry:(

    Tell Willy to stay strong and drink milk!!!
    Cats do actually drink milk right…*pleasesayyesoriwllfeelextradumb*
    Sorry, I’m allergic…:)


    • Haha, no. They’re lactose intolerant, actually.
      (Don’t feel dumb, I totally didn’t know that until like fourth grade, and only because I tried giving my cats some milk and my mom freaked out on me over it.)


  5. First comment – yes!

    I’m sorry, Jules. (I totally just got home from a Christmas party that wasn’t all that great, so my head hurts, I have a stomach ache, and I just want to go to bed, so you didn’t miss out on much. Then again, yours was probably going to be better than this one.)

    I’m going to clean my room whilst listening to Wicked and thinking of you. ❤


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