I will be the first person to admit to abbreviating things when I’m writing by hand.

At =

And =


Between =

All together they  =

Because, let’s face it — while I can type at over 100 words a minute, I can probably write at about half that. Plus, it saves space.

But when people write abbreviations or change letters or whatever because they think it’s actually A LEGITIMATE FORM OF LANGUAGE??

It drives me nuts.

Yes, I’m a teenager. And yes, I like to text. And yes, sometimes I use texting language while doing that (because, again — it’s faster and saves space). But that doesn’t mean I’m going to go and do this on a test or a paper or something. That’s just stupid.

Why do people feel the need to act like idiots? Is it a pride thing, you want to stick it to the man (your English teachers) and tell them that they can’t control you? That you’re an individual with rights, one of which is Freedom of Speech?

There’s a quote on Facebook from the page My Attitude – My Life – My Rules that states that “freedom is the right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong,” and I feel like a lot of people are forgetting that these days — especially those of us in high school. We are the future, don’t we want to make that future bright?

(Although that song might not be probably is not the best example.)

Ultimately, what is “spkn lyk dis” going to achieve in life? Do you think that makes you look cool? Well, newsflash: Good luck getting a good job when you try to explain why your resume says “Muh nm iz Bozo the Clown hehehe.”

Oh, and good luck explaining that tattoo, too.

And I know I’m probably preaching to the choir right now, but it truly bothers me how people seem to think that just because they have the right to do something, they should actually do it.

Well, you know what? You also have the right to remain silent. Why not try that one on for size?

In other news, the cat’s currently sleeping after going out and exploring the house for the first time since the seizures began, so he’s obviously feeling a bit better. Pray that he doesn’t have another seizure for a long, long time please?



6 thoughts on “Y U TLK LYK DIS

  1. You know what’s even worse that drives me completely insane? When people misspell words in texts that aren’t even any shorter. Like “wuz” instead of “was”. Great post AMIGA!!!


  2. I don’t even go so far as btwn… I say b/w. The only time I write by hand is in my journal.

    But you’re right about the texting thing; I agree.


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