Wordy Wednesday (“Troy [Friday Parody]”)

The process of eating a mango in Costa Rica (learned on my trip to volunteer at a VBS there over the summer):

1. After completing the easy tasks of first locating a mango tree, followed by knocking a mango out of it, followed by grabbing the mango from the ground before the leaf cutter ants do (perhaps the hardest part of this entire first step), proceed to peel it open.

2. Once you have successfully peeled your mango, attempt to take a bite out of it without getting too many of its fibers stuck in your teeth or like looking like too much of an idiot.

3. OM NOM NOM that mango!!

(Photos courtesy my mother.)

4. Decide it’s much easier (and far less sticky) just to eat mango ice cream like a regular person.

(Photo copyright Haagendazs.)

In other news, here’s your Wordy Wednesday writing! πŸ™‚ This is a song I wrote for mythology class this semester, parodying “Friday” by Rebecca Black. Enjoy… *ominous music as scene fades to black*


It’s year one, making up excuses
Gotta be free, don’t wanna fight this war
Gotta have my mind if I’m gonna act insane
They’re seeing everything, I can’t plow my son
Getting on the boat, but that north wind’s blowing
We’ve gotta sacrifice Iphigenia
Gotta catch Paris, I see the Trojans

Fighting with the Trojans
Arguing with the Greeks
Gotta win this war
Which side should I take?

It’s Troy, Troy
Gotta make war on Troy
Gotta go and rescue Helen, Helen
Troy, Troy
Gotta make war on Troy
We’ve gotta go and rescue Helen

Fighting with Agamemnon/Achilles/Odysseus (yeah!)
Fighting with Agamemnon/Achilles/Odysseus (yeah!)
Kill, kill, kill, kill
Gotta go and rescue Helen

It’s the middle of the war
And we got another god mad
Agamemnon’s gotta give his girl back
Now he’s taking Achilles’s, ’cause he’s a jerk
Plan, plan, plan about war
Thetis just has to have the last word
Gotta defeat the Trojans, but Achilles won’t fight

Fighting with the Trojans
Arguing with the Greeks
Gotta win this war
Which side should I take?

[Repeat CHORUS]

Now ten years have gone by, gone by
This is our last chance not to die, to die
We gonna hide in a horse, hide in a horse
Burn and pillage Troy, and rescue Helen

[Repeat CHORUS]


Video of me singing this for extra credit, if you’re interested. It’s, uh, great, I promise you:


11 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday (“Troy [Friday Parody]”)

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  2. Mangoes are really really yummy if you put lime juice on them. I don’t usually like mangoes — they’re alright, I guess — but with lime juice OH MY GOSH. They’re amazing!


    Adios a chica bonita! (EL MURDER-O OF SPANISH-O LANGUAGE-O.)


    • I repeat my earlier statements: Foreign country. Volunteer trip. Not exactly an excess of resources. πŸ˜‰ But I’ll keep that in mind if I ever take the effort to eat a mango again.

      Y tu! (Pero no me gusta los murdering ways de tu. La lengua no se gusta tu.) (O me.) (Porque yo la asesino mucha tambien.)


  3. I love mangoes!!!! They are much easier to eat if you use a knife to peel them though. πŸ˜‰ *pats trusty pocketknife* I will come back later to ‘escucho tu cantes’. (hooray for Spanish!)


  4. LOL…my mom is OBSESSED with mangos for some reason, she luuuuuurves them πŸ˜›
    Ooooh, I remember this song! You have it on your magical youtube account!!! πŸ™‚ MAGICAL FAIRIES…. (sorry, it’s 8:45 and I’m not exactly sure if I’m awake or not…)


    • They’re actually really good, but wayyy too difficult for me to eat. (I don’t have good mouth eye coordination.)

      I just got up, too, because I have to go to my grandparents’ in a couple of hours and I wanted to make sure I remembered to shower… I’m really starting to wonder if there was much logic behind this plan, because all I want to do right now is go back to sleep.


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