Writer’s Digest Conference Weekend: Friday Morning

Proof that I should not get up before 7:00 AM:

  • 5:45 — I tried brushing my teeth with my retainer still in
  • 5:50 — I painted my nails and then immediately took all of the polish off of one when I tried screwing the cap back onto the paint bottle
  • 6:00 — I thought I lost my straightener and went into a fit, only to realize two minutes later that it was right where I left it
  • 6:52 — I’m currently making a blog post listing embarrassing things that I did this morning (this totally counts)

Hey guys! My mom and I are just finishing packing up right now before we head to the airport, and I AM FREAKING OUT!!!! πŸ˜€

(Remember this face? It’s back again. WHOOOO!!!)

I’m so scared I’m going to forget to pack something, but hopefully that doesn’t happen, right? (I’m eyeing my packing list as I type this. If anything goes missing, it’s totally the paper’s fault, not mine. Yup.)

Talk to you all when we get to New York!



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