WDC Weekend: Saturday Morning

Hey guys! I’m currently sitting in a ballroom crowded with other writers, waiting for the second session of the day to start, and so far the conference has been amazing! (But why am I surprised, right?)

Last night there were some fantastic sessions on writing in the digital age, how to pitch your novel to agents, etc, and then so far this morning I’ve attended an editors’ panel — right now the Ask the Agent panel is about to begin — and I’ve got notes on all of them to share with you guys (but later, because the panel’s beginning ;)).

Talk to you all later!


(Oh, and I guess I jinxed myself, because I forgot to pack my shoes. Stupid packing list.)

4 thoughts on “WDC Weekend: Saturday Morning

  1. Oooh, cool!!! πŸ™‚ I guess it’s too late to jump into your suitcase since you’re already there, buuuuuuuut if I use my super powers of magic to fly there, I could make it in time… πŸ™‚


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