Wordy Wednesday (“Catch Me If You Can”)

It’s Leap Day!! Anyone doing anything special for it? (I’m going to try to finish writing my current WIP today. It’s too cool of a date to resist.)

Today’s Wordy Wednesday is some song lyrics I wrote a while back called “Catch Me If You Can” — you should know: I write a lot of stuff called “Catch Me If You Can.” It’s one of my favorite phrases and I’m constantly trying to do new stuff with it (also, I really enjoy Catch Me If You Can the musical).

This song is about someone who I lost recently.



VERSE1 [Capo 3 – G, D, Am, C]

Someone turn off my mind

I can’t take this any more

The clock is ticking out my time

Until there’s no more


Someone tell me things change

Tell me they stay the same

Because I need some rest

In this unrest



Because I’m tired of living

And I’m tired of breathing

And I’m tired of running

And I’m tired of grieving


Why can’t the sun shine

Without the clouds?

Why can’t I rhyme

Without it so loud?



Because the ru-u-un

Is getting too hard for me

And I nee-ee-eed a vacation

Away from all this grief


And I’m running so hard,

And I’m running so far

And I’m running away

From who you are


How can things be?

This way, why can’t you

Catch me?


This wasn’t part of the plan,

But catch me if you can



Pull on my shoes,

Those old Converse

I got them freshman year

And now I’m running in reverse


Look over those picture frames

All those people,

Can you tell me their names?



And now I’m breathing so hard

That I’m seeing stars

And I can’t see too far

Because the future is barred


Where will I be this time next year?

Have you heard?


[Repeat CHORUS]


BRIDGE [Capo 3 – Am, C, G, D]

La, la, la, la, la

La, la, la, la, la, la


And I can’t look at

That card you gave me

Because it brings back

Too many memories


And it’s not the gone

That bothers me

It’s the never coming back


[Repeat CHORUS]





2 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday (“Catch Me If You Can”)

  1. Amazing!!! I loved it; there was one line that felt a little repetitive “Because I need some rest, in this unrest” because of the two uses of rest next to each other (although I love the line) Definitely keep posting, wordy wednesday’s are the best 🙂


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