Wordy Wednesday (“Horoscope”)

Random Facts About Today:

  1. The weather’s supposed to be in the 80s today, which will break the last record by like 10 degrees (which is what happened yesterday, too — the last record had been set in the early 1900s; this weather is CRAZY).
  2. Exactly one month from today, I’ll be eighteen. 😀

I’ve been obsessively watching this clip (and all the others, too, but mostly this one):


This week’s Wordy Wednesday is going to be a short one, but I don’t think a piece has to be long to be significant. This is a poem called “Horoscope” that I wrote the night before I left for the Writer’s Digest Conference this year — I hope it conveys some of the emotions I was feeling that night, thinking about the past year and what the future might bring.

The style is inspired by e.e. cummings.


i am so scared
so scared that i cant breathe
that everythings changing
for better or for worse
counting down the seconds
til midnight ten nine eight
i cant breathe
i cant breathe
i cant breathe
tell me my future
but leave out the part
where i find out
what kind of person i am




2 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday (“Horoscope”)

  1. AHHHHH I LURVED THIS POEM SO MUCH I WANT TO GIVE IT A BIG HUG!!! The end was especially good, the way the words flowed and their meaning and…AHHHHHH GO JULIA!!!
    1. It’s way too warm. I don’t understand how the weather works anymore XP I bet Kira’s lurving this 🙂
    3. Everyone in my school was saying “Happy Hunger Games” today XP I’m going to see the movie tomorrow with my friends, I’m so excited!!!! 🙂 I’m re-reading the book before I see the movie, I’m in chapter 7 right now….Haha, I’ve been obsessively watching the clip called “Tell Me” where Peeta reveals in his interview that he’s in love with Katniss 🙂 SO SWEET…


  2. I know what you mean, wondering if the conference would give you the big break into publishing or not. Ah, but you’re a Great person, so don’t worry about that!. And there are great things in your future. I can feel it.


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