I Skied a Double Black Diamond!!!!!

Hahahahahahaha, happy April Fool’s Day!!!!

“Confidence: The feeling you have before you really understand the situation.”

Fun things I’ve done so far on my spring break ski trip (and I’m not joking: It’s spring break. And I’m going skiing):

1. Braid my hair a billion different ways. (Featured: French-braided pigtails.)

2. Eat lots of weird vegetarian food. (Featured: Weird Vegetarian Tofu Stir Fry.)

3. Make mini snowmen while collapsed on the ground. (Featured: Mini Mama and Mini Baby snowmen, to my left… hiding against the backdrop of all the rest of the snow…)



… All of which I’ll tell you about later, because right now it’s time to get back to the Ski Trip Shenanigans. 😀

Featured: Braided ponytail… that you cannot see.



7 thoughts on “I Skied a Double Black Diamond!!!!!

  1. Hahahaha, have fun skiing 🙂 I’ve been skiing a few times, but never anything past the first level (green something???) XP (I tried doing the blue square thing once and I fell so many times that I gave up before I was halfway through and tried to slid down the hill :P)


    • I generally do greens (easiest) and some easier blues (moderate), but I’m thinking of legitimately trying out a black diamond next time I’m at the ski resort that I usually go to — that one’s only a couple hours from my house, whereas the one we’re at right now is five hours away (and that’s by plane lol) — and its black diamonds are like the blues at this one (this place is really extreme — it’s up in the mountains and everything; we’re like 8,000 feet above sea level at the lodge), so yeah… After doing the blues here, I think I should be able to handle the blacks there (although Michigan snow and skis are a lot different from Utah snow and skis, so maybe everything I’ve learned here won’t apply there — it would be just my luck).

      But anyway. 😛

      Falling is just a part of learning how to ski, and it’s half the fun, I think, as long as you don’t get hurt too badly. I’m really sore at the moment from falling while doing a trail today (believe it or not, it’s the only time I’ve fallen during like my last three ski trips, despite my natural lack of coordination). I was following my brother and cousin through the woods, and I thought we were doing this route we had done on our last time down, but apparently it was a different one… so, I was treating it like it was the one before, and not a new one, and I went up this hill, expecting it to be a nice slope down on the other side — and instead, it went into this ditch thing. And I was going really fast, trying to keep up with the others. And I went FLYING through the air, as I came off the top of the hill, and I landed flat on my back in the middle of the ditch, so I couldn’t even get up until my uncle came up behind me a couple minutes later and helped me back to my feet, because my skis were straddling the two sides of the ditch.

      It was quite epic, hahaha.


      • Ooooh, magical 🙂 I go skiing once every other year, so… XP I’m not the best at skiing…The black diamonds are like DEATH TRAPS to me, I wanted to go on one, once, and then I saw all these guys with scars going up to go on the black diamond so I debated against it XP
        But…but…falling huuuuuuuurts!!!! 😦 Poor Julia… *cyber hug* I hope you feel better from your epic fall!!! (did you get any pictures??? :P)


  2. Fact: I’ve never been skiing. (Yesh. I live in Wisconsin and I’ve never skiied.) So, despite the fact that you haven’t skiied a double black diamond, you’ve still beaten me.


    (TOFU?! *flees*)


    • WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? You must be joking. This is an April Fool’s Day joke, isn’t it? HOW CAN YOU BE FROM THE MIDWEST AND NEVER HAVE BEEN SKIING?????

      Okay, Julia. Calm down. I’m calming down now. I AM CALMING DOWN.

      TATIANA. You need to go find a ski resort (or mountain, or hill, or frozen trash dump), and go skiing. Right now. You have no idea what you’re missing out on. (And take my word for it, because I’ve been skiing since I was like four years old, and I JUST NOW this trip learned how to do something other than snow plow — and although it’s so much more fun now that I can go more than like 2 miles per hour, it’s fun even when you ARE only going 2 miles per hour. Believe me. IT’S REALLY, REALLY FUN.)

      Oh, and tofu is awesome, so be quiet you non-skier. 😛


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