So, About that AP Lit Project…

In my AP literature and composition class, we have this big project that counts as 20% of our semester grade. We’re given the entire semester to complete it, as long as it’s turned in by the beginning of May.

So, of course, I didn’t bother to even begin it until April. (Okay, in my defense, I read the book my project’s based around back in like February, but then I put it away, and lost the syllabus, and didn’t think to start on any of the actual work involved in the project until about a week ago.)

But anyway. This Big 20%-of-Your-Grade Project is supposed to take you four months to do. And I didn’t even think to start on it until ONE MONTH BEFORE IT’S DUE. So that’s a fourth of the time that you’re supposed to have.

And then, of course, I go to work on it last week, and I do this instead:


And then I go to work on it this weekend, and I watch this instead:

(Which, by the way, is good, but not as good as the A Very Potter Musical series or Starship.)

… And yeah. I kind of fail at life, haha.

So no real blog post today, because I’ve gotta go get started on that. Sorry!


14 thoughts on “So, About that AP Lit Project…

  1. Haha, same thing happens with me for my research paper XP My research paper’s due in the middle of May (and we were given this about…two months ago?? Ish??) And I just finished the research today. Yaaaaaaaaaay…What’s your magical AP Lit project going to be about???


    • Well at least you’re still ahead of me, haha. My project’s on George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” I had to read the book, write a bunch of essays on it, find critical essays written about “Animal Farm” and write critical essays about those critical essays, and find background sources that influenced Orwell’s writing, etc, etc… along with doing blog posts, and finding art inspired by the book, AND WAY TOO MUCH OTHER STUFF TO REMEMBER OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD.

      I keep looking at it and going, “Oh, this isn’t too bad! I can totally do this!”

      … And then I remember everything beyond the one individial part that I’m working on, and I basically just keel over and give up, hahaha. As soon as I finish this, though, I’m basically done with high school. There’s not much left other than doing this and taking my AP test. (Fun fact: I don’t even need this semester to graduate. I finished with all of my requirements last semester. So I’m pretty much just doing this all for fun, now.)


      • Oooooh, Animal Farm!!! That was a weird teacher had a glue bottle with a little sticky note on it that said “Hello! I’m….BOXER”.
        That’s….a LOOOOOOT of stuff to do. 😛 How far are you now???
        So technically if you don’t do your AP Lit project it won’t really matter??? But…you’re doing it ANYWAY… XP


        • I like George Orwell, so I enjoyed reading it, but I have to agree… the whole allegory thing is kind of strange. (I’m not big on allegory, haha.)

          That’s creepy about the glue bottle. 😛 I started crying when *spoilers* Boxer got carted off to the glue factory. It was just REALLY disturbing.

          … Um, I’ve um… I’ve, well. I’ve read my book. 😉 (Just kidding — I did, indeed, read the book, obviously… and then I’ve found all of my research and read one of the critical essays I’m writing a critical essay on, making notes on it and all that, and I found the passages within AF that I’m writing the book analyses on, and I’m just about to get started on my first essay right now. My goal is to have one complete section done by the end of the day, probably my passage analyses.)

          Yeah, pretty much. It’s required to pass the class, though, and I’m a complete nerd and want an A because I want a higher GPA than I ended with last semester (it was like a 3.95? And I want the closest to 4.0 I can get), so. 😛 At the same time, though, my college will get mad if I don’t get really awesome grades this semester and they might revoke my admission over it — it’s known to happen — so I need to keep straight As, from that perspective.


          • I’m ashamed to say that I had to look up allegory on wikipedia. And then I still didn’t understand it, so I asked my mom, and now I understand what allegory means 😛 Yeah, I’m not big on allegory, either, especially when it’s political-ish
            I know! It was so sad…. *spoilers* and then all of the animals (except the donkey) believed the pigs when they told them that he went to a hospital and died. And then they got whiskey..HMMMM, I wonder where they got THAT money from…
            Haha, nice. 🙂 GO GO GO JULIA!!!!!
            Oh 😛 Okay, that makes more sense. Haha, I’d probably end up doing that, too. 😛 I thought you could pretty much just quit school after you got accepted to college XP


            • Haha, no, I wish. When you get accepted to a college, it’s for either your grades freshmen through junior year or freshman year through the first semester of senior year, but then they check out your grades after that, still, to make sure you’re maintaining the proper level. Otherwise, they’ll either decline admission, or at the least put you on probation. And I *really* don’t want either of those things to happen.

              I finished one of the essays! And I’ve got part of the intro done for another one, and I’m in the middle of a third. 🙂 Yay!! I CAN DO THIS THING! (Except that I have to leave for church choir rehearsal in like ten minutes. Ughh.)


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