I Am So Sick Right Now.

Okay, so I feel awful not giving you guys a Wordy Wednesday today, because this is the second time in a row that I’ve snubbed you, but I’ve got laryngitis or something going on right now and I’m barely even awake right now, let alone able to go grab a piece of writing to share with you. Maybe I’ll be feeling a bit better tomorrow, so I can do it then?

The timing on this really just sucks, though, because we’re in the middle of tech week for the spring musical (in which I have a principle role), it’s getting towards the end of the school year and I have a couple of A- right now so I need to get my grades back up, my mega 20%-of-my-grade AP lit project is due in less than two weeks, and I have the Future Problem Solvers state finals competition this weekend. And Saturday is my eighteenth birthday.

And, of course, my throat feels like death right now. I AM SO MAD. AND SICK. AND TIRED. AND SICK. AND MAD.

Sorry, guys!! 😦



10 thoughts on “I Am So Sick Right Now.

  1. I almost have the same problem like u but i have a stuffy nose and i have school tomorrow and im in middle school and have a crush. Im embarrased to talk to him because everytime i talk my voice sounds all weird like if im really sick and my crush…i like him….i was gonna ask him out but im sick and i dont think he likes sick girls. Help please.


    • Aww, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well! Here’s some advice:

      A) If your crush doesn’t want to be around you because you’re sick, that’s not your fault. It’s his for being insensitive. In which case he doesn’t deserve you anyway, whether you’re sick OR you’re healthy. You deserve someone who will stick with you through thick and thin; no matter how stuffy your nose is.
      B) You don’t have cancer. You have a cold. Which means that you WILL get better, probably within a few days–a week tops. Wait until then to make your move. Your crush isn’t going anywhere.

      I hope you feel better, and good luck with your crush! 🙂


  2. I’m sorry, my love. I’ve been sick, too – I must have accidentally given you the bug over the internet.

    Drink tea. Take a bath. Watch the first season of Hannah Montana and then watch Spiderman. And then feel better. Okay? xxx


  3. Awwww….poor Julia! My friend Alex did that once, too…he had scarlett fever or something like that, and wasn’t contagious anymore because he took some sort of medication, but he was still feeling the same (as though he still had scarlett fever) and he came to school anyway because he needed to go to DI practice..except, y’know, you’re not cured yet 😛 Poor, poor Julia.. *gives giant bear hug*


  4. 😦 It’s OK, Jules. I’m out today, too. (is it just me, or is it that whenever you’re out sick, I am, too??? :P) Hopefully you feel better soon and are able to catch up with all this…SHTUFF. 🙂


    • We seem to have telepathy for being sick at the same time. 😛 But I’m actually at school right now, because I can’t miss our tech rehearsal this afternoon… People are avoiding me like the plague because I keep coughing everywhere.


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