It’s 2:00 AM, and I Just Got Back from Prom

Behold: Prom Pictures.



(Nails — Mine are the ones on the left, in case the obnoxiously pale skin didn’t give it away.)

(Dress, front.)

(Dress, back.)

(Random shot that I adore.)

Good night, guys!


18 thoughts on “It’s 2:00 AM, and I Just Got Back from Prom

  1. you look so beautiful i hope i look at least half as good as you do when i have prom. i love the dress it’s a good color for you and your hair looks stunning. all around the only thing that could have made it better would be synthetic fire but that is just me obsessing over hunger games. it’s funny you say you grew out your hair for a katniss side braid because last year i cut my hair for locks of live and it was a bob and ever since i have been growing it out for prom. next year it will be nice and ling cuz it’s already at boob length. i would love to hear more about the prom it’s self and by now you should be well rested. again you are beautiful!


    • Aww, thanks! 🙂 When I showed up for group pictures, one of my friends came over and was like, “Hey, Katniss!” and I was like, “What the heck…?” because I didn’t even realize my dress looked similar to the interview dress (I had to have it explained to me 😛 ).

      Your hair’s actually longer than mine is, then! Mine isn’t quite to my chest, yet (it grows really slowly).

      I might write something on it some other time, but for now this is all you guys are getting about prom. 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh, Jules, YOU ARE SO ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. That dress is absolutely AMAZING, by the way. I’ve seen some… interesting prom dresses, but yours is GORGEOUS. And your haaaaaaaaaaaair! 😀 😀 😀 IT’S SO PRETTY!

    (Sorry. 😛 I’m geeking out over here.)


    Just adoring these pictures….you look so PERDY!!!! Your hair is super intricate and specially-special.
    I’m agreeing with Hero on this one. Before noon= MRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH


    • Thanks, Teresa!!! 😀 I loved my hair — I brought in a photo of this one hairstyle that I saw a celebrity wear (link to the page: — It’s the last hairstyle pic) and the hairdresser totally got the same style going for my hair, despite the fact that she had never done something like it before and all we had to go by was the one picture. 🙂

      I agree. I can’t believe I’m awake right now. Ughhhh.


      • Haha, awesome! 🙂 My hair isn’t really long enough to do anything but sit there or maybe go into a weird ponytail (it’s shoulder length). Your hair is like magic. With glitter. And shtuff 😛
        Haha, poor Jules XP *gives cyber hug and another pillow*


        • Secret: I’ve been growing my hair out for the past year or so just so that I could have it in a side braid for the Hunger Games (I’m such a nerd) and in an updo for prom. Before that, I kept it a little bit longer than chin length, so I get where you’re coming from with the short hair thing. 😛

          I actually got sleep last night. It was heavenly. I woke up and was like, “Wait, was I just DREAMING that I got a full night of sleep? That’s IMPOSSIBLE.” lol


          • Bwahahahaaa XP Are you going to cut it or keep it long?? (it’s pretty awesome-sauce as long) I’m thinking about growing out my hair, but my hair as shoulder-length is pretty cool (except I can’t do ANYTHING with it :P)
            WHOA. It’s like…MAGIC. (feeling like singing “Hallelujah” right now)


            • I’m probably going to keep it long for a while… I want to dye it brown at the end of the summer and I feel like that would look better longer, so. I’ll probably cut it short sometime in the next couple years again, though, because it’s SO much more manageable that way.

              I like the look of shoulder-length hair — I had that for several years, as well — but it got annoying after a while how there isn’t much you can do with it, so I’ve been semi-avoiding it since then. My hair was that length for a month or two this past year, as I was growing it out, and I basically just had to wear it down every day.


              • OOOOOOOOH… 🙂 🙂 🙂 Magical! Wait…don’t yo already have brown hair??? *cornfused*
                Yeah, shoulder-length hair is good hanging down, but you can’t really do anything with it. I’m thinking about letting it grow out and just cutting it when it starts annoying me XP


                • No, I have really dark blond hair. It’s annoying because it’s basically just as dark as brown hair, but it’s still a blond color, so it looks like puke.

                  Try it out. See how you like longer hair. 🙂


                  • XP Not really; it’s like…magic. My hair is just boring brown. I don’t have any sun highlights cuz I’m a VAMPIRE. (2 of my sisters have highlights; it’s just me and my red-headed sister who don’t have highlights because we don’t go outside that much. We’re lazy XP)
                    Haha, I’ll try. 🙂 I didn’t like my long hair when it was just down, but it might be better in a ponytail or something XP


  4. Oh, my gosh, Julia, you are a beautiful goddess. ❤ I hope you had a fabulous time at prom (or as Teresa says, PROOOOOOM) and I can't wait to hear all about it!

    And don't get up before noon or you'll regret it. 😛


    • Get out, I love you. ❤ Thanks, Hero! PROOOOOOM was amazing — I danced for like three hours straight, until it was hard to move by the end of it and we all kind of just stood there swaying to the music, which was interesting to say the least, haha.

      And unfortunately, I'm sleeping on the couch in the kitchen right now (because Sammy pooped on my bed yesterday and I haven't had the time or energy to clean it, yet), and then Sam, of course, felt the need to wake me up at 8:30 to let her outside because Dad was doing yard work and I was the one downstairs to do it, despite my OBVIOUSLY TRYING TO SLEEP status… and that was after I was up until nearly 3:00.

      And now I've gotta go clean my bed, shower, get ready for the audition I have today, and then clean the basement because I have friends coming over tonight to work on stuff for theatre. -__- Ughhhh, I'M SO TIRED!!!!!!!


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