Camp NaNoWriMo, Flat Characters, and SUMMER VACATION(!!!)

Today’s blog post is going to cover several different topics (as you can see by the title). So, without further ado…

Camp NaNoWriMo

(Please note that this picture is from a year and a half ago, at the Writer’s Digest Conference 2011, and I’d just been on a plane for like four hours.)

For anyone who doesn’t know what NaNoWriMo is, get out.

No. I’m serious. GET. OUT.

For anyone who does know what it is: You guys should totally participate in Camp NaNoWriMo this summer. It’s just like regular NaNoWriMo, except that it’s happening in June and August (I think you’re supposed to spend July catching up on having a life?) (I’ll probably spend it sleeping, instead)… and yeah. Plus, it has a cool camp theme. You get to have a virtual cabin where you “bunk” with five or six other WriMos, through which you get a message board to talk with each other and stuff, and it’s really super cool. I did it last summer — without actually writing a novel; I was just in it for the cabin — and it was one of the coolest writing-related experiences of my life.

So yeah. You should go check that out.

Next topic:

Flat Characters

(This is what I look like when I encounter flat characters.)

I feel like I should start this off by saying that I. HATE. FLAT. CHARACTERS. Aaaand, I’m reading a book right now that stars an entire cast of them. Out of like fifteen people, I’ve met maybe … two? … who weren’t completely flat? And I’m pretty much at the end of the book, at this point? And did I mention that neither of those “maybe two” not flat characters are even main characters, but rather vague-barely-there-secondary-supporting-characters?

Now, I’m not going to say what book it is, because I don’t want to be mean about it, but here are some hints:

  • It’s a YA dystopian novel that’s a NY Times bestseller that’s neither The Hunger Games nor Divergent.
  • It’s similar to The Giver.  (Like, it’s THAT kind of dystopian society, not The Hunger Games kind.)
  • It stars a poorly crafted love triangle. (I say “poorly crafted” because the main character doesn’t show any real emotion toward either of the guys, although she attempts to — but it’s all telling instead of showing, so it doesn’t come across properly — and neither of the guys are even very attractive. Like, one is the stereotypical I-am-perfect-so-you-should-love-me dude, and the other one is the I-am-dark-and-mysterious-SO-YOU-SHOULD-LOVE-ME-INSTEAD dude. And of course Main Character Girl chooses Dark and Mysterious Boy — hello, it’s like Twilight ALL OVER AGAIN, and that wasn’t a good love story the first time around!

But anyway, I’ll stop ranting now and let you guess away, my friends. (Meanwhile, I’m going to go re-read The Hunger Games for the zillionth time to get this bad taste out of my mouth.)

(Oh and EDIT TO THIS POST: I finished the bad Flat Character Book, and it actually ended pretty well. Predictable, but well. I enjoyed it more than I was expecting, and the characters look like they might actually have real personalities in the second book, so: Ignore this ranting, for the most part. They’re still flat for 99% of the novel, but the ending semi makes up for it.)

Last topic:

Summer Vacation

(IT’S SUMMERRRR!!!!!!!!!!)

Due to my summer vacation beginning so early this year, due to me being a senior — I usually get out halfway through June — I, of course, am spending my first weekend of summer vacay with really crappy allergies. Like, my throat is basically clogged shut with gunk right now. It’s nasty. I’m beginning to look like this again:

(Wasn’t this so lovely? We should just relive it again, and again, and AGAIN!)

I still can’t quite believe that high school’s over (it was really weird yesterday — one of my underclassman friends texted me about how she had just finished  reading Divergent during school, because I was letting her borrow it, and I was like, “Wait, why were you in school today? Oh. Right. IT’S ONLY THE SENIORS WHO ARE OUT ALREADY. DUHHH.” — IT WAS THE WEIRDEST THING!!!)

Oh, and bonus topic before we wrap this blog post up:

Yesterday was my big brother’s 21st birthday! EVERYBODY SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!!! 😀



6 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo, Flat Characters, and SUMMER VACATION(!!!)

  1. I detest round characters, and so I deliberately tend to work toward only with flat ones. Nop critique will ever be able to change my style and taste. Don’t like it—don’t read it.


  2. i love your blog and i am still in school so this was a nice thing to find that keeps me going through the last month. i love the pictures of you so cute. i was so scared that the flat character book was the hunger games because i argued for a good half hour that those characters were amazing and dimensional. if it was twilight i would have been fine cuz though i am a twi-hard i am more a hunger games geek. reading it for the 4th time and it’s amazing. i have never heard of that camp must be out of state maybe not even east coast but you seem to make it sound great. i wish i could write like you, i still think of your growing up memorial on 17 on a daily basis and it brings me to tears just retelling it. i owe the hunger games so much because that is how i found you and i dont want to live a life with out julia the writer girl.


  3. CAMP NANO! Yaaaaaaaaaay. I’m cheating at it. xD

    Also: I know what you mean about the flat characters. I just finished a book — that actually had a good plot — in which all the characters lacked even a millimeter of depth. Given, it WAS told in third person, but that shouldn’t have made that much of a difference. I’m wondering if the author didn’t do it so that the reader’s attention would be on the STORY instead of the characters, but it, excuse the pun, fell flat. You cannot have a good story without good characters. And, as always, there had to be a romance. Even though the romance had very little development and ended up being this random, “Oh, let’s tell a stupid joke! NOW I’MMA KISS YOU.” o.0

    But it annoyed me because it had an amazing plot. The characters were just SO DARN AWFUL. *shudder*

    And yeah. Sorry. I’m done. xD


    • I’m more than likely cheating too, lol. I’m thinking of restarting work on PDS instead of writing a new novel (although I’d be scrapping a lot of it, if I were to do that, so it semi-counts).

      Third person’s no excuse for flat characters. Personally, having good characters is even more important than having a good plot — I mean, look at The Hunger Games. Yes, it has a cool plot, but that’s not why it got so huge. It’s because the characters are extremely relateable. Everybody can find a bit of themselves in Katniss Everdeen, and that’s why it turned into such a huge thing.

      Uck. I hate romance like that. Es muy annoying-o.


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