Wordy Wednesday (“Camp NaNoWriMo Excerpt”)

Today’s Wordy Wednesday is an excerpt from my Camp NaNoWriMo project, Cadence!! 🙂 And if you read the post from last weekend, you’ll notice that the only thing this excerpt has in common with my original plot summary is the title. Because after writing 8,000 words this past weekend and hating the novel the entire way, I finally just gave up on it on Monday and spent the entire day writing a NEW novel (as my cabinmate Hero put it: “Classic Julia”), and I ended up writing 11,000 words in one day. And then basically dying, because I didn’t eat anything while writing those 11,000 words, and it wasn’t until around 6:00 PM that I finally left the laptop in search of food. (In the meantime, my narrator Olivia spent the majority of the opening talking about food — evidence of hunger, on my part?)

But anyway, here’s your excerpt!! 😀 It’s kind of rough, but hey — it is Camp NaNoWriMo. 😉


[Sorry this is no longer available–I’m editing Cadence now with the hopes of maybe, possibly publishing it someday. Thanks for the interest, though!]


So, I want to know: What do you all want to see this blog doing over the next few weeks? What kinds of writings do you want in your Wordy Wednesdays? More Camp NaNo excerpts? Songs, poems, short stories? And what kinds of weekend posts are you interested in: Do you want more updates on my life, or maybe some book or movie reviews? Anything else you want to see me doing?

Please let me know in the comments! Thanks!


PS. My condolences to the family of Ray Bradbury. He was a visionary writer, and a huge inspiration. The world will miss his words.

27 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday (“Camp NaNoWriMo Excerpt”)

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  2. i just started reading and am glad i waited for you to put out so many chapters i might stay up all night reading this, so far so great i am totally hooked!


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  17. I’m sorry, but it’s true! Didn’t you do the same thing last year? (And the year before that?)

    I wish I was at 11,000 – I’m somewhere around 9,500 and completely in love with my romantic interest. I may have to take him for myself and leave my main character forever alone.

    Love the excerpt! I would definitely like to see more. 🙂 (And as for weekend posts, maybe some life updates? What’s going on with you – since we never get to Skype much anymore. :P)


    • Lol yeah… pretty much. I’ve only really known what I was doing for NaNo TWICE. My second year, when I wrote Freed, and then this past year when I wrote Dreamcatcher… and then my first NaNo I just started in the last two weeks of November, because it seemed convenient to do it since I was already planning on starting a novel then (Forgotten), and yeah… This is the second time I’ve switched stories partway through. Because my third NaNo/two Novembers ago, I went from that stupid superhero comedy thing to writing on Petra’s Driving School.

      Not if I steal him first. 😉

      Oh gosh… We’re going to have to just sit down and get an exact time and date set out for our Skype date. (Although the next two weeks are awful for me, because I’m at my college orientation for three days this week, along with sitting through meetings for my summer job, and then I’m working all the week after that, along with going insane prepping for my grad party… What about the last week of June? Could we Skype then?)


      • I should write a fanfic for my own novel in which you and I fight over Eoin for 50,000 words. *new NaNo novel!* *lol*

        I know!!! And maybe – it depends on when VBS is. I’ll get back to you. 🙂


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