Bonus Post: Six Month Blogiversary and Lucky 7 Meme!

Today marks my six month blogiversary! I’ve been doing this thing for half a year now! WHOOHOO!!!!! 😀

I’m so beyond excited about this, guys. (I can’t believe it’s already been six months!!!!!)

Now, in honor of that — and because, you know, I was TAGGED for it — today’s post is also going to include the Lucky 7 Meme Award, which was given to me by Tania L. Ramos over at New Author Publishing, who’s super cool, and you should all go follow her.

The Lucky 7 Meme Award Rules are as such:

1. Go to the 7th or 77th page of your work in progress.

2. Go to the 7th line of the page.

3. Copy the next 7 sentences or paragraphs. Remember, they must be as they are typed.

4. Tag 7 authors.

5. Let them know they’re it!

My snippet’s going to be coming from my Camp NaNoWriMo novel for June 2012, Cadence:


Lo siento, I’m currently querying this manuscript and thus: no random excerpts online. Thanks for the interest, though!


Below are seven of the authors that I follow!

Hero from Heroic Endeavors

Tatiana from Words into Darkness

Ari from A Fuzzy Mango with Wings

Vicki from Page After Page

Teresa from Teresa the Random

Ariel from Magic Esi Poetry

Monica from Love YA

… Now time to go celebrate some more over my six month blogiversary!!



6 thoughts on “Bonus Post: Six Month Blogiversary and Lucky 7 Meme!

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  2. ALSO. CAVY-LA. (Will never stop calling you that, bwahaha.) I just went over to your YouTube and derped around and your hazing song for Teresa is my new favorite thing ever.

    Stop being so cute. *flails*


  3. I hate you.
    Okay, so ‘hate’ is a bit strong.
    But REALLY?! I’mma have to do a big awards post now, because I’ve been putting off passing the awards. (And I am going to nominate you for as many awards as I possibly can. Which may be all of 2. But whatever.)


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