Wordy Wednesday (Song Lyrics, “Detour”)


(I would write that in white too, to go along with the red and blue, but then… you know… you wouldn’t be able to read it.)

Today’s Wordy Wednesday is a song I wrote recently, and I think it has a really cool beat (I wrote it using my guiro instead of a guitar, and I feel like a total and complete hipster for it, but whatever — grabbing the guiro required less movement than grabbing the guitar, and if I am anything, I am lazy). Have you ever written a song for an instrument that doesn’t play different notes, or am I alone in my weirdness?



Don’t tell me a story

Cuz I’m not home

Don’t tell me a secret

Cuz you cannot trust my lips…

To stay zipped


Cuz I’m standing at attention

But it’s so hard

Cuz I’m standing at attention

And I don’t know who to serve

And I don’t know how


Cuz I don’t know

Who I am anymore

I am a shadow getting lost

In the detour

And I don’t know

Who to be anymore

Cuz I am a whisper

Getting lost in the detour

Detour, detour

Getting lost in the detour, detour


Walk through the door,

There’s no one home

Guess I am a creature

Meant to – roam


Cuz I’m standing at attention

But there’s no one here

Cuz I’m standing at attention

And I am the only one

To hear my surprise, cuz

[Repeat CHORUS]


You don’t know who you’re

Challenging, I am a whisper

On the wind

You don’t know who you’re

Trying, cuz I am a shadow

In the light

[Repeat CHORUS]


What are you doing to celebrate the Fourth of July? 🙂 Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday (Song Lyrics, “Detour”)

  1. Hmmmm. This is sort of a different kind of song. But I think I like it.
    Ha. I did nothing, basically, for the 4th. I face-painted at our town carnival/parade, and then sat at home cuz the fireworks got cancelled cuz of the fire danger.
    But I AM a madly skilled facial painter, haha. =)


  2. Julia, you dirty hipster, you. (Kidding. :P)

    For Fourth of July, we went down to the river and watched the Fourth of July ‘Parade’, which used to be a parade, but now is just a giant water balloon fight, so these boats go up and down the river and people on the docks throw water balloons at them and the boats fire back, and some people have water cannons and balloon slingshots… We were too lazy to have prepared anything, so my dad went and stuck the sprinkler on top of the deck… Everybody who drove past laughed and was like, “That’s brilliant!” because they get wet, and there’s nobody to throw water balloons at. xD


    • That’s so much fun! I went to a parade and carnival in the morning, and then I was supposed to go to an orchestra concert/fireworks display in the evening, but it ended up thunderstorming so they cancelled the show (you know, after we’d already driven a half hour to get to it and waited out in the rain for ANOTHER hour while they waited to see if a) the weather would clear, or b) we’d all get electrocuted). It was still a good day, but I’m sincerely jealous of your water fight, now!


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