Let’s Pretend Monday is the Weekend

I’m so sorry I missed doing my usual weekend post! But since I was averaging five hours of sleep a night the entire weekend and doctors state that teenagers are supposed to get eight and a half to nine hours of sleep every night (because that totally happens), I hope you’ll understand; it ends up, hosting a writing conference is a lot more work than just attending one. Who would’a thunk it?

To make up for being a day late, today’s post is going to consist of a selection of pictures from the conference:

Here I’m greeting a couple of attendees as they came off the train. My username on the website we all first met through is “cavyheart.” (Also: I love what the wind’s doing to my bangs. Super attractive.)

The group of us walking through downtown Chicago.

We visited “The Bean.”

It was too hot out to resist getting soaked at the face fountains! (Speaking of which, is there some official name for these fountains, or are they just called “the face fountains?”)

This is from one of the talks I gave at the conference. I’m not sure what the best part of this picture is: my Camp NaNoWriMo swag or the hamster sock puppet that’s lying on the dictionary to the right?

Because our hotel wasn’t in downtown, we spent A LOT of time walking to trains, from trains, sitting on trains, talking about trains, and rushing to make it to trains. In conclusion, I am thoroughly sick of trains.

… And yeah! The conference was super fun, I learned a ton from the sessions other people gave, and overall it was a really wonderful experience. But I’m also glad that it’s over, because now I can start focusing on getting prepped for college, not to mention getting back to writing and editing, again (I’ve been on a hiatus for the past couple of weeks, between getting ready for the play and the conference).

See you on Wednesday!


11 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend Monday is the Weekend

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  2. OOh, it sounded fun! I forgot that I was at a family reunion during the time of the conference so I couldn’t watch the livestream stuff, but I’ll watch it sometime later on today probably.


  3. Aghhhh, you’re just trying to make me jealous that I wasn’t there! *dies*

    HOWEVER, I am expecting more pictures in my inbox, capiche? I’ll go bug Tati if you don’t deliver. xD

    See you all NEXT year, at THE SEQUEL! (I’m playing around with t-shirt designs. I have too much free time.)


    • YOU ARE GOING TO THE RETREAT NEXT YEAR SO SHUSH. (And really, if I was trying to make you jealous, I would have showed you the no recipe cookies I made. They were quite flavorful.) (Not saying that it was a GOOD flavorful, exactly, but there was FLAVOR!!!)

      I can’t wait to see this cowboy hat thing.


  4. Hey it’s me Ben! I was just in Chicago on one of my adventures, also I am wrighting a short story on my travels but I’m not done so I’m afraid you can’t read it. I have sort of fallen behind 😛 but I’m going to finish it soon. Good luck out there! I wish I could have bumped into you. -Ben


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