Write On Con 2012

The conference is coming! The conference is coming!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Write On Con is this super awesome annual writing conference that I adore. Wanna know why?

Okay, well I’m going to tell you anyway.

  1. It’s online. Which means that I don’t have to move my butt out of my chair to attend it.
  2. There’s this great workshopping element to the conference where you can get critique on your query letter and the opening scene of your novel and stuff.
  3. IT’S FREE. Oh my gosh it’s FREE.

As somebody who’s been blessed with the opportunity to attend more than a few writing conferences the past couple of years, I can guarantee you that it costs a lot of money to go to one. A LOT. So imagine the pure, five-year-old-on-Christmas joy I felt when I first found out about Write On Con. I swear: it was like getting a puppy.

Say hello to Sammy as a puppy. Even back then people were confusing her for a boy.

Write On Con was created a while back by some authors for the purpose of providing all the perks of attending a writing conference–sessions from publishing professionals, networking with other writers, etc–without all the cost, and they’ve stayed true to that ideal ever since. Plus, they’ve worked in ways for attendees to get lots of great feedback on the things that matter most when submitting your writing to literary agents and editors through their forums and forum events. You can even get feedback from literary agents, who snoop around during the conference as “ninja agents,” critiquing and requesting material based on what they find in the forums.

The one thing Write On Con lacks is the fun of being immersed the entire conference-straight in writing related things; eating, breathing, sleeping in the same space as other writers. But really, when it’s free, who cares?

So anyway, I’m super excited for Write On Con, and I hope you are too, because it’s a great event. Information for attending:

Who: You!

What: The biggest online writing conference ever (and it’s free!).

When: Monday, August 13th through Wednesday, August 15th

Where: http://writeoncon.com/

Why: Because really. If you’re a writer, and you’re breathing right now, why wouldn’t you attend?

See you at the conference! (Also: You can look me up on the forums, if you’d like.)


8 thoughts on “Write On Con 2012

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  2. What I got out of this post: OHMIGOSH IT’S SAMMY! SAMMY SAMMY SAMMY SAMMY, I’VE STILL GOT THAT CHEESE! COME HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE! (Even though you are APPARENTLY evil. Don’t listen to Julia. She’s a bad Julia, isn’t she.)


    But I’m already attending, so yeah.

    (And those EARS.)
    (Okay, okay, I’m done.)


  3. You know you’re lazy when you can’t be bothered to attend a free, online writer’s conference. *fp*

    I’m really busy moving, though… xD


    • Have fun with that, hon. 😉 And just think: They leave all of the conference content up after it’s over, SO YOU STILL CAN LOOK AT IT IF YOU WANT ONCE YOU’RE DONE MOVING TO YOUR GORGEOUS NEW HOUSE WITH ITS GORGEOUS NEW PATIO THINGY!!


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