Wordy Wednesday (“Cadence, Chapter 9”)

Hey there. It’s after midnight and I’m still up packing for college, so I figured I might as well give you this week’s Wordy Wednesday now, while I’ve still got internet access and am at least 50% awake (although that percentage is fading fast). Sound good? Good.

[Disclaimer: Reminder while you’re reading Cadence that this is an incomplete first draft of a novel I began writing for Camp NaNoWriMo this past June. It’s had no editing whatsoever, and I wasn’t exactly spending time on making it high-quality (let’s not forget, for example, how I wrote the first 11,000 words in one sitting). It was a NaNo novel, so just be warned about that. There will be typos and awkwardly worded sentences and weirdly dramatic moments and all that fun stuff. I apologize in advance, and thank you, you wonderful reader, for putting up with the errors. You rock.]

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[Sorry this is no longer available–I’m editing Cadence now with the hopes of maybe, possibly publishing it someday. Thanks for the interest, though!]



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