Welcome Week

I’ve been at college for a few days now, and let me just say: I don’t think I’ll ever get used to how gorgeous campus is. I was feeling really homesick yesterday, and just sort of holed myself up in my dorm room for a little while not talking to anybody, but then I needed to go find my classes and run some other errands, and the moment I stepped outside it was like my homesickness was just instantly better, because of how pretty and full of life everything is here.

I swear, U of M is like a mini New York City, only the buildings are shorter.

So, college so far has been pretty fun (although, I mean, classes haven’t started yet, sooo). I have a super nice roommate, and my room overlooks this beautiful nature-filled courtyard, and for anyone who knows what Team Starkid is, my drama class is in the same building as where they first performed A Very Potter Musical. Talk about geek-out moment when I saw the location on my schedule, right? (For anyone who doesn’t know what Team Starkid is: It’s a theatre company that posts its musicals on Youtube, and they’re all really funny and nerdy and TOTALLY AWESOME.)

But anyway, I don’t have much to talk about this weekend, because I’ve been really busy with packing and getting moved in and then going to Welcome Week activities. HOWEVER, I will be posting more often than usual in the next few weeks, because I’m participating in this cool blogging event for writers all throughout September, and the first portion of it takes place on Monday. Yay!

Check it out:

See you on Monday!



5 thoughts on “Welcome Week

  1. Welcome to Michigan! I’m part of GUTGAA and stopping by to say ‘Hi’ and then I see you’re at U of M, which is a few miles from me. I’ve lived in MI my whole life and I love it. Beautiful place, I hope you enjoy it here, and that your class load allows you to keep writing!
    Nice to meet you.


  2. I’m glad you like U of M! It is truly a beautiful campus. And with the downtown area alongside the university, it’s pretty cool! Very lively place!


  3. Glad to hear you like U of M! It truly is a beautiful campus. And with the downtown streets right alongside the campus, it’s pretty cool! Definitely a lively place too!


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