Wordy Wednesday (“Choke”)

I was really hoping to get a chance to go down to the dorm practice rooms and make a video to go with this week’s Wordy Wednesday, but I have too much homework tonight. Sorry! Maybe I’ll be able to do one for you later on?

In other news, we had a three-way tie for what the Wordy Wednesday should be between Cadence, a memoir, and a poem or lyrics, and I just finished writing this song yesterday evening, so hey: go good timing.

This song is dedicated to all of those affected by the 9-11 tragedy.

UPDATE: Here’s the video!



Capo 3—Am, G, Em, D


Am I awake,

or am I talking in my sleep?

What is the time of day?

I keep losing the mornings,

and forgetting the nights

Don’t remember the meaning

of a sunrise,

’cause it’s hidden behind the smoke

It’s been eleven years, and

Still you’ve got me in tears

And we weren’t even

All that close


Getting my mind off of you

Is like—catching daisies

On the wind

I can never do it

Since they took you away,

The wind’s been dull, the sky’s been grey,

And I can’t breathe through all this smoke

You’ve got me in a choke,

The day the Towers broke,

The day our nation spoke

And we’ve been silent ever… since

You’ve got me in a choke

(I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,

I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe, without you here)


I remember first hearing the news

I was angry at you

I didn’t understand,

You have to understand

You’ve been a ghost at the back of my mind,

Shadowing me all this time

I was a child before you,

And I believed in Peter Pan

Now take me to Neverland,

Where you were never broken

[Repeat CHORUS]





I’m begging for air,

These eleven years of despair

At least now the pain is just a throb,

At the back of my throat

If forgetting means hurting less,

Who am I to stand that test,

It wasn’t just me that was attacked,

It was every one of us

We could hold up the world,

If we stood together

We could wash away the burns,

And pray for better weather

And sure the mem’ries would be there,

But why would we want to forget?

The problem of love is pain,

but pain isn’t what we should regret

[Repeat CHORUS]


Am I awake,

or am I talking in my sleep?

What is the time of day?

Tell me when it’s morning again.


Now go rock some socks, and I’ll see you on Friday!


PS. Yes, you should be wondering what that Friday business is all about, since I don’t normally post on that day… hmmm… Any guesses?

6 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday (“Choke”)

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  2. that song is so amazing! the words capture the way 9-11 will forever be remembered and you did a beautiful job singing and playing it, as a bass player i want to figure out how to play it and for that thank you for putting up the notes. i have learned so much from you, the similarities we have must be endless, love reading your stuff because my writing is nowhere near as good. keep up your amazingness~!


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