Bonus Post: How to Eat a Pancake

… With your host, Julia Byers!

Step 1: Put the entire pancake on your fork, and shove as much of it as possible into your mouth.

Step 2: Fail at shoving it all in your mouth the first time, SO TRY DOING IT AGAIN IN HOPES OF GETTING DIFFERENT RESULTS!!! (Chances are, your mouth has randomly and exponentially increased in size during this time in expectation of the pancake, so this is totally a possibility. Totally.)

Step 3: Manage to shove the greater part of the pancake into your mouth. Five points if you do this without choking yourself.

But ten points if you do choke yourself!

Step 4: Enjoy the wonder that is the pancake! Truly, a gift from the Lord above! So buttery and greasy and unhealthy and DELICIOUS!

Step 5: Look like a chipmunk with its entire winter stash crammed in its cheeks while you attempt to chew the pancake. (Don’t worry about getting weird looks from your roommate/family/that stranger across the street–everybody loves chipmunks, so this is perfectly acceptable dining behavior!)

Step 6: Don’t cry because you no longer have a pancake to enjoy. Smile because you once did. And because there’s another one on your plate.

… Come back tomorrow for Julia’s next challenge: How to Pet a Porcupine! (I’m kidding. I live in Michigan. There are no porcupines here.)

In other news, this is what I’m doing right now. Hence my boredom:

(Somebody walked in while I was taking this picture. No shame.)

See you on Wednesday! (Unless I have to do laundry again, in which case I might just find a porcupine to pet after all.)


7 thoughts on “Bonus Post: How to Eat a Pancake

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  2. you inspired me to have a pancake for breakfast, what am i saying you can never have just one pancake it is too say i had 4 and they were all delicious but after failing to fit the whole thing in my mouth twice i gave up and cut the other two with a fork and knife. still delicious. ps great post


  3. At least I know I’m not the only person who spears an entire pancake and tries to shove the whole thing in my mouth. It’s like, “SURELY this pancake will fit. This is going to fit. This is totally going to fit. …Oh crud… this doesn’t fit. I am going to suffocate.”

    And I’m sure the person who saw you posing with a bottle of Tide is thoroughly creeped out, ma cherie. xD


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