Fashion Friday (Favorite Fall Pieces)

Today’s Topic: Favorite Fall Pieces

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest autumn fan–I know, I live in Michigan, it’s sacrilegious. But just hear me out for a second.
Sure, there are all kinds of pretty colored leaves everywhere and I finally have an excuse to chug an entire gallon of apple cider whenever I feel like it (a fact I take advantage of), but it also gets really COLD here. And as I seem to lack the ability to make my own heat, I’m basically always shivering during the fall, no matter what (aaand I go into a grizzly bear comatose during the winter months when it gets down below freezing).

HOWEVER, I do really enjoy fall fashion. So I figured I’d share some of my favorite fall pieces with you! (Note that all of these are guaranteed to be warm and snugly, or your money back.)


Skinny Jeans
Although skinny jeans rock it basically year round, I especially appreciate them when it’s fifty degrees in my dorm room and  I need something that’ll look good with the t-shirt I slept in last night because there is no way I’m changing out of it unless the air warms up another twenty degrees, like this morning. And most others.
Skinny jeans basically go with anything, and as cool as the colored ones are this year (my personal fave color), nothing can beat the traditional ol’ blue.

American Eagle, $39.95

Jean Jackets
This year, it’s all about denim, and I am perfectly okay with that. Jean jackets, like skinny jeans, go with basically everything, and there are so many different options with them that you can really personalize your jacket to reflect your personality. Plus, they’re super warm.

Love Culture, $29.90

Leggings (and Yoga Pants)
Although I’m yet to get my hands on my perfect pair of leggings (I really want some thick black ones that I’ll be able to wear under dresses into the winter), I’m still in love with the leggings I do have. Wearing leggings is like wearing a second skin–a nice and toasty one. That doesn’t bunch up down around your ankles like tights do.

Just please, dear God above, don’t wear leggings as pants. They are meant to go under things! If your shirt doesn’t cover your butt, you need to wear yoga pants instead. And yoga pants are awesome, so I don’t know why you’d even think of wearing leggings in comparison for all of your butt-covering needs. Yoga pants come in all different sorts of styles, which means that you can get the kind that stays skinny all the way down, just like leggings do, if you still want to keep that look. But they also are made from a denser material (less tights-like and more pants-like), which means that your underwear lines are less likely to show when you wear them.

Leggings: Macy’s, $18.00
Yoga Pants: Target, $14.99

Has anybody else noticed the exponential increase in sweater-wearage as of late? It’s so awesome, because I absolutely love big, warm sweaters that I can cozy up in, and now people don’t even look at me weird for it! Five points for fashion airing on the side of comfortable for once, right? (PS. I’m an extra small-small, but I generally buy medium sweaters, because the extra space makes ’em cozier.)

Target, $22.99

I love hats. I love every kind of hat–and they’re awesome for bad hair days, along with keeping your head warm (who would’a thunk it!). During the winter, I basically always have on a ski cap, but for these slightly-warmer months when a ski cap looks like a sweat fountain waiting to happen, I wear beanies on my bad hair days. They’re cute, light-weight but still warm, AND cover up the majority of your head! That’s three pluses in a row!

… The hat of the season, however (sadly), is not the beanie, but it’s cousin the beret. Which is also super cute, light-weight and warm, and manages to cover a fair portion of your head.

Kmart, $3.99


Have a suggestion for a future Fashion Friday topic? Leave it below in the comments, and I’ll love you forever! (Plus I’ll probably use it, and how awesome would that be?)

See you this weekend! (Although, warning, I’m going to be gone at a really intense theatre thing for all of Saturday, so I’m not sure how coherent my post will be by the time I’m able to do it.)


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    • Well, at least you don’t live in a climate where sweaters are necessary. 🙂 I’m a hat person more by necessity than by choice–I have a loooot of bad hair days during the school year.


  1. I was about to get on your back about misspelling sacrilegious, and then I realized I’m the one who was spelling it wrong… Bah.

    I love fall! Probably because it basically doesn’t exist here. *grumbles* And my favorite thing about fall are BOOTS and SWEATERS. Big giant sweaters that I can drowwwwwn in with sleeves that are way too big. 🙂 Mmmmm. Perfect.


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