Bonus Post: How to Study for Finals

Step 1: Start out confident.


Step 2: Realize you can’t remember a single thing you learned at the beginning of the semester anymore, and the rest of it is just sort of a haze of why-am-I-not-sleeping-right-now and when-are-we-actually-going-to-need-to-know-this-(oh-crap-I-forgot-about-finals).


Step 3: Make a face like a pirate in hopes of scaring your notes into making more sense.


Step 4: When that doesn’t work, make a face like a lost puppy instead, in hopes of depressing your notes into taking pity on you, and thus making more sense.


Step 5: Take a nap.



If you’ve got final exams coming up: Good luck! I’m rooting for you not to fall flat on your face like I’m probably going to.

If you don’t: Run.

Talk to you Wednesday!


PS. I’m serious. Run. Run, Forrest, Run–save yourself while you still can, because, “The finals are coming! The finals are coming!” AHHHHH.

10 thoughts on “Bonus Post: How to Study for Finals

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  3. 14K nano but i will keep writing, most of my friends want to read the finished product. the post last week froever really matched how i feel right now and i love the fact that we are on such a simular page even though we live so far apart, have a year age diffrence and you are a million times a better writer than me. ps bonus picture post are amazing as always, thankyou for study tips and how to eat a pancke they are among my favorite of your


    • Welp, I think Tatiana’s stalker tendencies are wearing off on you, knowing the brand of my computer and all. 😉 I’ll make sure to download that program. Thanks! How are things going for you?


      • Haha, I noticed it in a post of yours a while ago 😉 I haven’t tried the program yet because I keep trying to convince myself that I don’t procrastinate on the internet (look what I’m doing right now when I have a World History test on monday :P) but my friends have used it and said that it works really well.
        Things are going great! 🙂 How are things going for you?


        • So I tried using the program last week to get myself to focus on my English paper, and I ended up just using all the tricks I learned in high school to get around the blocker to the websites I locked myself out of. Which took even more time out of working on my paper than if I’d just left them open like usual. I think I officially have a problem.

          Other than that, though, things are going pretty well. 😛 Finals start in the morning, which is such a fantastic feeling (heh heh heh), but I’m honestly only worried about passing Spanish at this point, so as soon as I’m done with that, it should be a nice, gradual slope down to the end of the semester. And then I get three weeks off, with absolutely no homework at all, because teachers can’t do that to you in college. Which is amazing. And yeah.

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