Wordy Wednesday (“Superman”)

Before we begin, enjoy (I know you’re curious–you are, don’t deny it):


Per Rachel’s request, this week’s Wordy Wednesday is a poem. 🙂 It’s kind of a strange one though, back story-wise, because I usually remember having written things, when I look back on them, and I have absolutely no recollection of this one; someone might as well have stolen my laptop and put it on here. But I can guarantee you that it’s not about real life, or at least not my life, because I never had this sort of situation at homecoming; instead, that dance usually put me into a state of single-and-proud-of-it.

For example, look how single-and-proud-of-it this girl is:


Junior year homecoming. You know you’re jealous of my tree-hugger tendencies. And my distinct inability to tan.

So yeah, it’s fictional. Just putting that out there. As much as I would love to be, I am not Taylor Swift.


Where did this all

begin? This urge

to see your face,

to be a hopeless romantic?

I never had

a reason to try

and look pretty

until I met you.


But suddenly

I find myself primping,

and worrying, and caring

what you’ll think, as I

slip on the dress, and

pull on the shoes

and the parents take

pictures of the homecoming group

that you’re not in.


And as I eat dinner

at the restaurant, laughing

with my friends, I can’t

help but look around,

wonder if you’re also

there, somewhere

just out of sight, but maybe

I’m not out of sight of you.


And as I wait in line

to enter the dance, and then

as I check my purse, and search

for friends, my eyes and

ears and foolish heart are

on the lookout for

you. When you brush

past me and you don’t even

truly see me, because I’m looking

in the opposite direction,

I know it:


like you’re the fire

to my ice.

like you’re the gravity

to my wayward star.


But you never say

hello, and when I try

to get your attention,

you don’t hear me,
or maybe you ignore me…

I know how to

ignore, too, and I

can’t help but wonder

if you’re ignoring me in

the same way that I

ignore guys that I

don’t like who just

can’t take a hint


And then I’m

scared, because

what if it’s true?


Or maybe, you

ignore me because

you just honestly don’t

know what to think

and maybe that’s okay,

but maybe it’s



And I just can’t

stop thinking

about you.

And it’s not



But it’s funny, because

for every time

I saw you,

you aren’t in a single

picture, and I won’t

remember you.

Not a shadow,

not a whisper.

Not a blink, or

a smile, or

a camera flash

to link my thoughts

to you.


And the truth is

you are nothing

but a shy little boy

who’s so scared

of what other people will

say, and think, and remember,

that you have to be loud,

and obnoxious, and a flirt

to distract them from

who you truly are

on the inside.


And no one will

remember you

because you are just another

mask, so tightly painted

on that no one will

ever realize your true

identity until they

try to get to know you

and by then

it’s too late

to save her



It’s too late

to save



So guess what’s next week! (Other than our impending doom on the 21st.) IT’S MY ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY! 😀 And in honor of the momentous occasion, I’m going to be hosting a party. With balloons and cake and stuff. Only not really, because this is the internet. (But maybe I’ll take pictures of me eating a cupcake or something in celebration.)

What I really, truly will do, though, is have an awesome giveaway for you, so check back here on Tuesday, December 18th for the details. Whoohoo!




See you on Tuesday (which is thankfully after finals are over)!



2 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday (“Superman”)

  1. Hey friend 🙂 I LOVE the college book collection. I have one too. My mom told me that I wasn’t allowed to bring them all to school but I packed them up anyway (well, not all of my books–because that would be a crap ton). And then I made my dad carry the box up four flights of stairs. He was pissed when he realized what was inside of it. Oops 🙂 I love your dorm room! It’s so stinking cute. I’m jealous of Michigan right now. Unfortunately, the only snow I’m going to see until after Christmas is on this blog. Haha! I’ll see you soon!!!


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