ANOTHER Apology and Wordy Wednesday (“Fine”)

This is two weeks in a row I’ve missed Wednesday. This is getting bad, guys. Oops.

This week’s (again) belated Wordy Wednesday is a song called “Fine,” which I wrote a few weeks back during a spurt of I-wish-I-had-an-interesting-life-like-Taylor-Swift-so-I’ll-just-make-up-stuff-instead. I then had some fun recording it with an out of tune guitar and some really bad harmonies using Audacity–it’s pretty awful (but sounds slightly better if you listen with cheap ear buds in), but here’s the video anyway.


Capo 4—C, Em, G, D


You called me up at half past 7:00

Told me to meet you at a quarter to 11:00

And I said fine,

But it wasn’t fine


I showed up five minutes late, but you weren’t there

It’s things like that that it so hard to care

But then you arrived, at 12:05

And I said it was fine,

But it wasn’t fine

You slid into the booth on the other side

Running your hand through your hair like you had something to hide

And you didn’t speak for such a long time


And there’s always so much going on

Between the lines

As life wears us down with the daily grind

And you ask me how I’ve been,

And I respond as best I can

That I am fine,

When the truth is I’ve been breaking all this time

But the words get caught up in my mind

So I say fine,

And you say fine


You feel the need to comment on the weather

And I say that it’s too warm for December

And then there’s a silence, that isn’t bad but isn’t right

But it’s how it’s been lately, and it’s better than a fight

So you say fine,

But I don’t think it’s fine

When the waitress comes around to take our order

It’s weird because you don’t order for me

And although sometimes I didn’t want what you said,

I miss you trying to figure out the pictures in my head

[Repeat CHORUS]


I don’t understand what’s going on

I just know that something is so wrong

And when you leave at 1:15

I can’t help thinking this is how it’s meant to be

Just awkward silences and spaces in between

Empty words and stares don’t mean anything

And I’m missing you, I’m missing you

But you don’t even know me

You can’t even see


That there’s always so much going on

Between the lines

As life wears us down with the daily grind

And there’s always so much going on

Between the lines

As life wears us down with the daily grind

And you asked me how I’ve been,

And I responded as best I can

That I was fine,

When the truth has been breaking me all this time

And the words aren’t going to get caught up in my mind anymore

I shout them to your back as you walk out the door

And I say, it’s not fine, we’re not fine, I’m not fine

And at 1:24, you say you know, and nothing more

And that’s the one time, that it truly is fine


Has anyone gotten any good books as gifts via one of the many holidays the past few weeks?

Oh, also, heads up: I’m finally getting my wisdom teeth out next week, so that might affect the next Wordy Wednesday. But I SWEAR, I will be back in classes the week after that, so things will be back to normal again, okay?



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