Wordy Wednesday (“[Title Redacted]”)

So it’s the last week before spring break, and I’m going kind of nuts just wanting to be done with my classes already, especially since I have a midterm of sorts for my Spanish class tomorrow (ew). This story is another one I wrote for my creative writing class. It’s kind of super dark, so warning about that, but I couldn’t think of anything else to write about this week. I just can’t wait until I get to go home on Friday and spend my entire spring break working on writing-related stuff. 🙂


[I’ve submitted this piece in a contest, so I had to take it down. Sorry! Thank you for the interest! ❤ ]




PS: Chapter Five of This Is a Book is live on Mel’s blog–check it out!

6 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday (“[Title Redacted]”)

  1. Oh my gosh, is that powerful! I didn’t realize it was her own funeral until part way into the story. You wove that so perfectly! What emotion! I had tears in my eyes reading about them gathered around the casket. You are such an AWESOME writer!!!!


  2. I love this. I especially love the details and imagery and sense that you include. And college creative writing class sounds way cooler than high school English class x.x


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