Wordy Wednesday (“It Begins Again”)

Before anything else, I want to send a shout out to a couple of the bestest friends a writer girl could ask for–Kira and Hero have been helping me a ton with editing my novel and query letter into shape in a very small period of time (I think Kira just revised Cadence in three minutes flat), and I don’t know what I’d be doing without them right now. So if you wouldn’t mind checking out their blogs, I’d really appreciate it:



This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a song I wrote called “It Begins Again.” I’ll see if I maybe, possibly can get a video of it up this weekend, because it’s really fun to sing, but once again I can’t make any promises on that. My guitar’s in the middle of a prepubescent meltdown of sorts, and I think I need to go buy new strings, porque la guitarra no es feliz ahorarita.


Am, C, Em, D


It started out the same

As it always does

With a touch

On the shoulder

Then it spread like wildfire

And it left your life

In a smolder

And you don’t know how it happened

But it always does

The same as the sun rises in the sky above

And now they won’t talk to you

But they say your name

Don’t know a thing about you

But still they exclaim


Look at that girl walking by, walking by

Doesn’t even know a thing, doesn’t even bat her eye

And it’s so easy to imagine the things

That you don’t know

Getting closer, getting closer, closer

To their lies

Until you don’t know the truth

From their eyes

And that’s when they win

When you fall apart, and it begins again


You sit alone

And they crowd around

You are the only smile

In a frowning crowd

And you say

Walk on, walk on

Walk on by

And you tell yourself

They won’t see you break

Not with their prying eyes

And those words so fake

And you sit at home

With those dreams so big

’Cause they think that they can break you

But no one ever did, saying

[Repeat CHORUS]


Getting closer, getting closer, closer

To the truth that lies behind the lies

The truth is they got nothing,

And you’re going to do it all

So they can try to break you

With every word they say

They tap you on the arm

And then look away

But you know so much more

Than they ever will

That life ain’t one long battle

But the best parts are uphill

[Repeat CHORUS]


Getting closer, getting closer, closer

And it begins again.




PS. One more link for ya–Mel now has a nifty page on her blog that has all the links to all the chapters of This Is a Book ever, so if you want to start reading the novel or need to catch up or anything else like that, follow this link!

3 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday (“It Begins Again”)

  1. i am getting excited for camp nanowrimo and i had two questions for you on the topc. first are you partisipating in the april camp if so can you be in my cabin? and i vaguely remember you having a camp nano t shirt where can i get one cuz they are awesome! just like you and me.


      • okay thanks. it’s a little discouraging because all the people i know who nano are opting to not do this one but i have an idea and his is the perfect insensitive to try to do something amazing. and no mater what i will always have you to thank for inspiring me to try even against all odds. my goal is only 25000 because i can go over (optimally i will) but like you and everyone else i am busy, (it’s just not stopping me from trying) maybe in july we can be cabin mates that is if i try again. it might be too much to attempt three novels in a year and fail repeatedly. only time will tell


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