Wordy Wednesday (“Forever”)

So. I temporarily finished revising Cadence last night. And by “temporarily finished revising” I mean “it’s in the state it’s going to be in as I start talking to literary agents now.” And that’s sort of terrifying.

I am all at once this:


And this:


And this:


… But you know what? The novel is in as good of shape as I can get it, the CPs I sent it to seem to like it quite a bit (thank you again, you awesome people you!), and I think it’s time I let go of the red pen. At least until the craziness of the next few weeks subsides (Writer’s Digest Conference! In less than two weeks! AHHHHH!).

So, while I’m off throwing myself a dessert party for one as a reward, here’s your Wordy Wednesday. It’s a poem I wrote a little under a year and a half ago, after my cat Jesse died. I did a lot of writing after his death, and I’ve shared a lot of it on this blog already, but here’s another poem about him anyway. It’s called “Forever.”



Leaving entails going off

on some grand adventure, somewhere

new, and maybe coming back

eventually. Leaving;

that’s one thing I can handle.


Going Away.

Going away is like going fishing,

going to Grandma’s house, going to college –

it’s a promise: I’ll be back. Going

Away; that’s another thing

I can handle.


But Not Being There…

It means not coming

back, not holding me

as I search for you.

Hold my hand. I need

you to hold me, but you can’t.


Yes, Not Being There…

That’s the thing that breaks me

the most.




T-minus 9 days to the Writer’s Digest Conference 2013!



8 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday (“Forever”)

  1. this brings me back to the story on growing up and visiting your cat that made me so sure i wanted to read this blog. i love it and the fact that it was short because i have not had time to read your blog recently sorry for falling behind on that but you understand sr. year and camp nano


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