WDC Weekend: Sunday Morning Sleepiness

Sunday morning is always the hardest part of WDC. You’ve already been sitting in sessions for the past two days, you generally are completely sleep deprived, and you know you’re going to have to leave in a few hours for the airport to go back to your fabulous, ordinary life away from the magic of New York City and all the gazillion writers you just got to share air with for the past two days.

Plus, if you’re a freshman in college like me, going back to real life also means going back to the last two weeks of classes and then FINALS! WHOO! (On the upside, UMich is going to the championship game tomorrow, so the campus is basically going to be crazy with energy all day. Which will be great for keeping me awake through Spanish class.)

We’ve got just the closing keynote address left, then we’re going to go do a little more sightseeing around Rockefeller and such, and then it’s off to the airport. And even though I should really work on the plane, I’m thinking there’s a nice long nap in my future.

After I posted yesterday, we had a couple more sessions, then we went out to dinner at this super schmancy Italian restaurant (which had absolutely DELICIOUS sauce on their pasta pomodoro), and then we saw Newsies on Broadway, which was as fantastic as is to be expected. (The dancing, the set, the very attractive actors–Julia was one happy theatre-goer.) It was Broadway Cares night, which I swear I have an uncanny affinity for attending (this was my third time attending a Broadway Cares night in, I think, the past four shows I’ve gone to), and they were selling some really AWESOME merchandise to raise money for it, including copies of the playbill signed by the entire cast.

If you didn’t know, I have the absolute best mother in the whole wide world. I didn’t even have to beg her all that much before she forked over the cash for the playbill. (Which reminds me–Hero, I got cast autographs for you. Including from some of the principles. You’re welcome.)

I’m going to be posting more pictures from throughout the weekend on my Facebook page, so make sure to go like it if you haven’t already. (And if you don’t have FB, you can still view the page, so that works too! Yay!)

The closing keynote is about to start–talk to you later!



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