Happy National Doughnut Day!

You may remember how last year for National Doughnut Day, I made my parents buy me a disgusting gas station doughnut at 11:30 PM during a road trip, which led to this marvelous picture:


Shortly after snapping this little gem, I spit out said gas station doughnut and made the vow to NEVER. EVER. EVER. AGAIN buy a gas station doughnut EVER. Because I have eaten better-tasting cardboard before.

While I don’t get into these little consumer holidays very often, I will take any excuse to eat a doughnut, so I take National Doughnut Day very seriously. You can’t just not eat a doughnut on the one day of the year you have a perfectly legitimate excuse to scarf them, right?

Well, I decided to be Super Ambitious this National Doughnut Day in order to make up for last year’s fiasco, and figured: Hey. I’m not too horrible of a cook (everyone who ate my no-recipe cookies at Ch1Con last year: shut up). So I went and found a recipe (YES, I used a recipe! are you happy now, Ch1Con’ers?) for making doughnuts in your very own kitchen, and then spent the last three hours or so slaving over them. And they turned out looking like this:


Yup. Those flat little sugar-coated pancakes are supposed to be doughnuts.

Of course, they still taste better than the gas station doughnut of lore (like I said: cardboard), but I’m pretty sure it would have actually been easier just to walk to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts and gotten some of their professional, light, fluffy, sugary-pieces-of-Heaven ones. Which is definitely want I’m planning on doing next year.

In other news, anyone up for a pancake? I’ve got about twelve of them and I don’t think my stomach can handle that many bricks.


14 thoughts on “Happy National Doughnut Day!

  1. No offense but your donut should be banned from even appearing in a picture, I almost fell off the chair when I saw that man made disaster, stick to Dunk and doughnuts please! Naa, kidding it was a fun read.


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