How To Be Productive

Step 1: Eat lots of whatever semi-nasty food you can find in your dorm room and prepare using a microwave. Or just eat it cold. Whatever works. Tell yourself eating will help with brainpower and all that. Because popcorn and ice cream and potato chips TOTALLY do, I swear. (Ish.)



Step 2: Stare longingly at ModCloth for hours on end, lamenting the fact that you spend far too much time procrastinating from doing your homework to have enough time to get one of those crazy “real” jobs that might just lead to having enough money to actually buy a closet-full of ModCloth clothes like you dream about. (Boom. Here. You’re welcome.)



Step 3: After fifteen minutes working, say you need a break to clear your head, and spend the next four hours watching Doctor Who instead.

Snapshot_20130925_16Bonus points if you spend five minutes trying to put this sort of webcam shot together. Because yeah. THAT’S worth it.


Step 4: Check Facebook every five minutes to make sure the sky hasn’t fallen while you were busy staring at that blank Word document that supposedly will metamorphose into a Spanish essay sometime hopefully very, very soon. (Please. Soon. I’ll pay you in stale Cheetos, dear Mystical Spanish Essay Writing Gods.)


Step 5: Write a blog post about being productive instead of actually being productive. (I’ve got 99 problems and “actually just sitting down and doing my homework tonight” is definitely one of them.)

Snapshot_20130925_8 #Deuces


Hopefully your evening is going a heck of a lot more productively than mine is. (Although if you just took the time to read this post, I highly doubt it. Go do your homework. Now. SCOOT.)

Yay for already counting down to the end of the semester when it’s only September!


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