NaNo Day 4: The Art of Not Being Homeless (or Failing Classes)

I ended up not getting much time to write on NaNo yesterday because, get this, outside of my Spanish essay (which, by the way, I only got like a page and a half done on–I suck), I also had to extend a short story for my creative writing class, and what started out as about three pages is now up to almost fifteen. And probably will be there by the time I finish, which I’m about to go do once I’m done with this post.

The unfortunate part about being a creative writing major in college is that, although I do get to write more than I would if I weren’t a creative writing major, in general the things I write aren’t the things I want to. I could probably work it out with my professor to make NaNoWriMo a project for class, but then I’d also have to turn in pages every week for critique, and the problem with doing that is that I treat NaNo very much as an ongoing experiment in quantity over quality. And having someone critique my novel every step of the month sounds like a surefire way of making me burst into tears and set everything I’ve ever written on fire and decide to become an accountant.

Sooo yeah. Not doing that.

If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to finish my Spanish essay today, go to the school-related things I need to (office hours for genetics, since science and I have been such frenemies lately, and a learn-more-about-study-abroad thing in the evening), and still have enough time to get caught up on NaNo. And, you know, watch HIMYM at 8:00. And shower. But we’ll see about that.

Upside: This morning I signed the lease for my apartment next year! So I’m not going to be homeless! (Yet.)

day 4


PS. Crap. I forgot I have to study for a social science exam too.

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