NaNo Day 5: Interview with Kira Brighton

The last couple of days have pretty much been a bust for writing, primarily because they’ve also been a bust for school. I woke up yesterday with a pretty nasty headache, but tried to power through it because I had homework assignments galore, only to finally realize around 6:00 PM that it wasn’t just a regular headache that would go away if I ignored it enough, but actually a full-blown migraine.

I get migraines maybe a couple times a year. And this was one of the worst ones I’ve ever had–by the end of the day I had extreme, throbbing pressure at the front of my head, dizziness, inability to keep my balance, queasiness, loss of appetite, lots of sensitivity to light and noise. I ended up giving up on my homework around 10:00 when I realized I hadn’t actually managed to get close to solving the genetics problem I was working on after four hours of trying to figure it out. So I went to bed then and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off just before 9:00 this morning for creative writing class.

The majority of the pressure behind my eyes has gone away at this point, but now it’s in my ears instead, spreading the aching from my temples down the sides of my face to my jaw.

Basically: I am massively congested, and I don’t know why or how to make it go away, because I don’t want to use a decongestant (massive streams of snot waterfalling their way down my face sound about as lovely in reality as they do in words).

Last night I did end up writing one sentence on NaNo, because I didn’t want to have to put a zero down on my chart tracking how much I get done each day, but I mean. Five words aren’t much help when you’re nearly four thousand words behind your goal. (Upside: Because Tuesdays are such a busy day for me class-wise, I didn’t schedule any writing for today. So while I probably won’t get any time to write, I at least won’t be falling any more behind.)

In other news, now that I’ve ranted a whole bunch about all my beautiful problems, let’s get to the real reason for today’s post: An interview with a fellow WriMo about National Novel Writing Month.


In order to give you a broader perspective on NaNoWriMo than you’d get from solely my experience, throughout the month of November I’m sharing interviews with various, totally awesome NaNo writers.


Kira Budge

Today’s interview comes from one of my critique partners and very best writing friends, Kira Brighton. Kira and I have known each other since the seventh grade, when we first met on the Scholastic’s Write It online forums, and I’ve looked up to her fabulous writing abilities and noveling work ethic ever since (seriously, this girl is like a writing machine). Make sure to check out her website!


Q: Is this your first year doing NaNoWriMo, or are you a veteran? What do you think of the event?
A: This is my fifth year, in fact, and I absolutely love NaNo. It gives me the chance to get some real writing in! The rest of the year I have to focus on editing and such, so NaNo is a blessing.

 Q: In one sentence, what is your novel about?

 A: I’ve challenged myself to try writing two novels, so I get two sentences!

 DUTIFUL, the second book in the Merciful trilogy, follows a deceased teenage boy whose afterlife calling is to be a muse, and how he falls in love with Nell, a girl who is being targeted by demons.

The final book in the Merciful trilogy, SORROWFUL, follows Nell as she takes her place in a special mission to fight back against the demons attacking her hometown, along with the main characters in the first two books.


Q: Plotter or pantser?

A: Pantser WHOO HOO! 
Q: Do you have any particular process for writing? Do you have a certain location you like to write at, or a type of tea you need in order to brainstorm, or anything like that? 
A: I’m actually very good at writing almost anywhere, which is super useful for NaNo. My preferred situation, though, is to be on my laptop, lying on my bed, listening to my Writing Playlist.

  Q: Any writing advice?

A: Actually, I have a blog that often includes writing advice! Check it out at to see news about my works, writing advice, and other blog posts. The best brief advice I’ve got, though, is to be stubborn and don’t give up.
And there you have it! Thank you, Kira, for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire, and thank YOU for reading!
day 5

 Talk to you tomorrow, when I’m hopefully feeling better!


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    I’m so sorry about your migraine! I get those sometimes and they’re awful. Recently, I’ve been getting ocular migraines instead of normal migraines, which is where your vision slowly cuts out, and then you get this massive headache. It lasts about an hour, so luckily you don’t suffer too much.

    Anyway, that really stinks. Feel better! And thank you for putting me on your blog. =)


  2. Thanks for another excellent blog post! Hopefully, your health will significantly improve today. Keep up the fantastic writing!


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