NaNo Day 8: The End Where I Begin

Sorry today’s blog post is coming so late! I had to study all morning for my social science midterm and then, you know, actually take it (pretty sure I did all right, though, so that’s always good). Afterward, Hannah and I watched some Doctor Who (I’m finally all caught up!) and kind of just hung out on her futon for a while. Then suddenly it was 5:30 and neither of us had actually done anything all day, and it was kind of bad but also really nice since I’ve been running so much this week.

I think all the scifi stuff I’ve been watching and reading lately has been influencing my writing, because my NaNo this year is a YA science fiction novel, and I rarely write anything that’s not based in the contemporary USA. World-building is SO MUCH WORK, and the amount I’ve had to attempt to sneak into the opening of The End Where I Begin is throwing me for a massive loop. It’s going to take a ton of effort to clean it all up in revising, but right now it’s NaNoWriMo, which means that I’m just writing and hoping for the best.

Here’s the kind-of-really-crappy blurb I’ve been using to describe The End Where I Begin on the NaNo website:


Sixteen-year-old Alexa Dylan has spent her entire life in the Fifth Reality, one of many versions of reality existing linearly of one another in the Quantum. She lives in New Capital with her father and brother, busy with school and hanging out with her best friends Gillian and Eric, altogether a normal girl.

But then one day a person she previously counted as a friend attacks her for no reason, in front of the entire school. Then the Clinic tells her the Fifth Reality has begun to collapse, and they have chosen her to travel to the Sixth Reality in order to prevent the collapse of the rest of the Quantum. And then Alexa leaves everything she’s ever known behind to save a world neither her friends nor family will ever have a chance to know.


Trust me, I will write a better one once November is over.

day 8

Off to write!



5 thoughts on “NaNo Day 8: The End Where I Begin

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    • Yeah, I’ve pretty much already surmised that if the trend is happening now, this novel doesn’t have a chance. But I really like the story, so I’m just running with it anyway. Oh well, right? Thanks!


  2. Julia, simply the title in itself should make you a finalist. “The End Where I Begin” will definitely get someone’s attention. By the way, the blurb you provided is substantially more intriguing than at least 98% of the scifi material out there!


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