NaNo Day 15: Whoa, We’re Halfway There

Happy halfway through NaNoWriMo! (Whoa, livin’ on a prayer.)


Yesterday was an interesting day for writing, because I did it just sort of all over the place (including during my social science class at one point–shhh, don’t tell my prof). I ended up handwriting four pages in the afternoon (during the soc class, of all times), which didn’t turn out well because I then spent about an hour just staring at my notebook thinking about how little I wanted to try to decipher my handwriting when it came time to type it.

Nonetheless, I managed to get my 2k done yesterday, so I’m now up to just over 26,000 words. WHICH MEANS I’M HALFWAY DONE!

Snapshot_20131115_14(Did you know that people who frequently post selfies online are more likely to be single? Explains so much.)

My goal for today, according to my schedule, is to get another 2k words done. However, I’m probably not going to have as much time to write on Sunday as I’d planned, so I’m going to have to try to get a little ahead, if possible. Which’ll be interesting, since I might be going to see The Book Thief tonight and movies, you know, take time. (Once this semester’s over, I need to break out of my this-book-is-too-depressing-for-me hamster ball and finally get around to finishing that, because I’ve been carrying The Book Thief around with me since high school and I’m still only on like page 30. Because seriously. This book is about to have ALL the feels, and I don’t know how I’m going to handle that.)

Less than a week until The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!!!!!

How’s everyone doing halfway through NaNoWriMo?

day 15


15 thoughts on “NaNo Day 15: Whoa, We’re Halfway There

  1. I’m at 15,000. Only 10,000 word behind, but hey…there’s still hope…???

    And I would like to echo Esi’s post because I am reading The Book Thief right now and it is like….WHJLKJSKL:FDUS(POFHSDJFM<NSDK:FJS:FSDdfjiaosdufijakelsfjls;f!!!jasoidfuas~!

    True story.

    – Autore


    • Hey, 15,000 is still really good!

      I keep starting it and then having to stop, because I know that book is going to have me sobbing my eyes out and I don’t know how I’m going to handle that.


  2. i am at 27000+ words and i have to pack for this weekend full of quidditch so my writing for the weekend is sadly going to be close to zero words, but so far i am doing really well and starting to actually like my novel, Collin and Jade.. it’s so fun to wright right now, like playing sims.


    • High-five! That’s fantastic.

      Writing is basically the ultimate version of the Sims. You don’t even need to follow any of those rules about feeding them and making sure they have a ladder to climb out of the pool.


  3. Julia, this has been an incredible month for you already! By even the toughest standards, 26,000+ words is an extraordinary achievement in the first half of November. By the way, if you eventually decide to write an honors thesis, you clearly have remarkable preparation for that process. In the meanwhile, your endurance and determination have been fantastic! It looks like you are well on your way to reaching your goals both academically and for the NaNoWriMo experience! Keep up the awesome and inspirational work!


    Sorry that I never comment; I just don’t know what to write but READ THE BOOK THIEF.
    Anyway, congratulations on NaNo. I’m not doing it this year and I feel lazy. I can’t believe you manage to do so many things at once.



      This is actually really funny, because I am basically the epitome of laziness. I doubt you are lazier than I am, especially with the types of classes you take. The majority of the time I’m spending on NaNo this month, I spent feeding my Netflix addiction before this.

      Thanks for commenting! We hardly ever talk anymore and it sucks.


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