NaNo Day 16: Go Sit in the Corner

I wrote myself into a corner on Thursday. I seem to be doing that quite a lot with this novel.

Not that writing myself into corners is all that rare of thing for me in general, because I’m actually quite good at doing it (oh, the woes of a pantser), but generally it doesn’t take me long to find a way out of the corner, and so far this month I’ve hit roadblocks three separate times that I have had absolutely no idea how to get around.

I went to sleep Thursday night figuring I’d just magically write myself out of the corner yesterday, Friday, but no such luck. Which is how I managed to write a grand total of ten. words. yesterday. (Uck.)

(Also, it turns out The Book Thief STILL isn’t playing in Michigan, so instead of going to see that, we just hung around the dorm and watched The Hunger Games in preparation for Catching Fire on Thursday, instead. Which didn’t exactly help my word count either, but hey–it’s not my fault they decided to release a movie in November.)

Since I need to be at least at 33,000 words by the end of tomorrow, I’m putting myself in NaNoWriMo Time Out this weekend. I’m officially in Writer Lock-down Mode until I get my words.

day 16

Let’s do this thing.



6 thoughts on “NaNo Day 16: Go Sit in the Corner

  1. best of luck julia. i have to get better at planning because i am so bad at it and i barely know where the story is going but i will figure it out as i go, i hope. Catching fire can’t wait. ps my quidditch team had one win today so we are battling it out for a world cup bid tomorrow instead of the looser bracket.


  2. Lol! I’ve written myself into a few corners, but only little ones (plus that word count issue. Heheh.). My main corner right now is the fact that the two viruses that got into my computer completely corrupted Word, so I have to reinstall it. Hopefully I’ll be ready to go again by tomorrow.

    Good luck to you as well! =)


  3. Good luck with all of your writing this weekend, Julia! I have full confidence that you will be able to accomplish your goals! By the way, even though the multi-universe genre is quite popular right now, you definitely have the quality of imagination to provide many intriguing perspectives on these motifs. One idea, is providing a subtle commentary on the multi-universe genre through the story-line itself — a unique commentary about a genre, within the context of the genre itself. However, your intuitions and writing instincts are outstanding! It will be fascinating to hear about how you decide to shape the various themes, and the overall story-line.


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