NaNo Day 17: About that “Writing” Thing…

About five minutes after I published that blog post yesterday, I found out the application for the study abroad program I want to do next summer is finally open. So I then spent a good three hours working on that, and didn’t stop until I realized I was really hungry. And of course, you can’t just eat food, right? You have to do something while you’re eating.

So I made the fatal mistake so many have made before, and went on Netflix. And then subsequently stayed on Netflix until 11:00 PM.

When I did finally find the will power to exit out of that tab on my browser, I wrote for the next couple hours, so I did get 1.5k done yesterday. But I mean. The goal was 5k. Kind of a big difference there.

On the upside, the thing I was supposed to go to today that was going to take away from my writing time fell through, which means I now have all day to get caught back up. Here’s to hoping I can pull a 5k day at some point this weekend after all.

How are you doing with NaNo? Anyone else having trouble focusing?

day 17



8 thoughts on “NaNo Day 17: About that “Writing” Thing…

  1. Oh goodness this is so bad but so worth it…I’ve just spent the past half hour in bed catching up on on your Nano blogposts instead of sleeping. The first chapter for The End Where I Begin is epic so far! You really have a gem here, and I am confident that you’ll figure ways out of your corners. Congrats on still being the boss of Nano while juggling genetics and creative writing 🙂

    I’m super excited for Catching Fire–rereading the book is a good idea. And Divergent. Have to get my hands on Allegiant…I’ve heard whispers that the ending is devastating so I will also stock up on chocolate while I’m at it.


  2. Technically, I don’t need to focus on NaNo, seeing as I won, but I haven’t hit my personal goal yet with Sorrowful and I’m having an awful time getting back on track writing it. Not that that’s totally my fault. See my comment on the last post. But still. I feel you broseph.


    • The program I’m applying to is at Oxford. 🙂 If I don’t get to study there, I’d really be good going anywhere in the UK, or I’m also looking into a couple programs in Paris and Rome. I think it’s definitely an experience everyone should try at some point.



  3. Julia, the various aspects of your journey — and determination — this month have been fascinating and delightful to read! By the way, best of luck regarding your application for the study abroad program! It would be a terrific decision for any program to accept you in their cohort! Meanwhile, it sounds like a few bounces are going your way this weekend. Have a fantastic and productive writing day. Persevering through November towards the 50,000 words is truly an extraordinary accomplishment!


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