NaNo Day 26: Interview with Joan

So, I ended up moving my schedule around for NaNo/getting final projects done, and I spent yesterday primarily writing. I wrote a little under 3,000 words. Since I hadn’t planned to write anything yesterday, I’m now ahead of schedule, at 45.5k (my goal for today was to reach 45k). This is pretty awesome, although I still have another 4.5k to go before I’m done for the month. Hopefully I can get that done between today and tomorrow so I’ll still have enough time later over break to get my homework done.


In order to give you a broader perspective on NaNoWriMo than you’d get from solely my experience, throughout the month of November I’m sharing interviews with various, totally awesome NaNo writers.


Today’s interview comes from my writing friend Joan! Joan and I met through WriteOnCon’s Mid-Winter Pitch-Fest this past March, and although I’ve never had the chance to read one of her novels, I can tell you that she writes killer query letters and her concepts are amazing. She’s also a total sweetheart, as I learned when we got to hang out at the Writer’s Digest Conference East this spring. Make sure to check out her blog here.


Q: Is this your first year doing NaNoWriMo, or are you a veteran? What do you think of the event?
A: This is my second year “doing” (can we be honest here and just say “failing at” would be a more accurate description?) Nanowrimo. Aside from all the wordcount stress, Nanowrimo is an awesome event that bonds writers from all over the writersphere. The enthusiasm is just great and really does make you want to sit down and put something on a page. I’d recommend Nano to anyone who knows that he/she has a novel in mind but is too scared to write it–this is your month!
Q: In one sentence, what is your novel about?
A: A Princess must commit treason against the laws of her own kingdom to bring justice to her father’s–the King’s–death.
Q: Plotter or pantser?
A: I usually claim to be a pantser, but I am a secret plotter 😉
Q: Do you have any particular process for writing? Do you have a certain location you like to write at, or a type of tea you need in order to brainstorm, or anything like that?
A: One my strangest writing habits is that I never write in order. I’ll usually write the first chapter, then I’m all over the place…the end, the middle, random chapter, you name it. I like to write either on the couch or in my room. Probably isn’t healthy, but I need a constant supply of tictacs in order to think.
Q: Any writing advice?
A: Stealing a quote from Lauren Destefano here: “Don’t take any advice too seriously.” Writing is an organic process that is different for everyone. Remember to tailor everything to your own needs. Above all, just write!



Thanks so much for the interview, Julia! Happy Nanowrimo to all!




Thanks for letting me interview you, Joan! And thanks to you for reading.
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