Happy 2nd Blogiversary!! (+GIVEAWAY)

I interrupt your regularly scheduled Wordy Wednesday to announce: IT’S OUR SECOND BLOGIVERSARY! This pretty young thing’s been around for two whole years now. Which I guess means it’s no longer all that young, but shhh.

Thank you, dear reader, for sticking with me through the highs and lows. It’s been a crazy two years and SO MUCH has happened since I started this blog.

I was a senior in high school, then, who had no idea what she would do after graduation. Now I’m a sophomore at my dream college with a dream major to boot.

My first blog postwas about how my cat, Willy, was on the brink of death (such a pleasant topic, right?) and I wasn’t sure how much longer I’d have with him. Willy survived through that first week of mindlessly blogging as a distraction and lived on to the ripe old age of seventeen, when he finally passed this summer.

I’ve met favorite authors and actors, traveled to all sorts of different places, and gotten to know so many wonderful new friends.

And I am incredibly grateful for all of it.

So, to show my appreciation, I am giving away TWO SIGNED BOOKS for this year’s blogiversary. (Geddit? Two?) They’re by a couple of authors I admire to pieces, and if you haven’t read any of these ladies’ novels yet, I highly recommend them.

Here we go.


What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang

WHAT'S LEFT OF ME by Kat Zhang

I had the honor of meeting Kat Zhang this summer at the Young Authors Give Back tour, and she’s just about as awesome of a person as she is a writer (and that’s saying something). In addition to the signed copy of the first book in her Hybrid Chronicles series, this prize includes a signed card advertising What’s Left of Me and book 2 (on the side not shown in the picture above), Once We Were.

Goodreads Description: I should not exist. But I do.

Eva and Addie started out the same way as everyone else—two souls woven together in one body, taking turns controlling their movements as they learned how to walk, how to sing, how to dance. But as they grew, so did the worried whispers. Why aren’t they settling? Why isn’t one of them fading? The doctors ran tests, the neighbors shied away, and their parents begged for more time. Finally Addie was pronounced healthy and Eva was declared gone. Except, she wasn’t . . .

For the past three years, Eva has clung to the remnants of her life. Only Addie knows she’s still there, trapped inside their body. Then one day, they discover there may be a way for Eva to move again. The risks are unimaginable-hybrids are considered a threat to society, so if they are caught, Addie and Eva will be locked away with the others. And yet . . . for a chance to smile, to twirl, to speak, Eva will do anything.


Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter


Ally Carter is one of my absolute favorite authors EVER, and I basically had a heart attack when I got to meet her in February. She’s such a sweetheart, and I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve reread some of her novels. I’m giving away a signed copy of one of her 2013 releases, Perfect Scoundrels, which is the third book in her Heist Society series (but no worries if you haven’t read the first two in the series, Heist Society and Uncommon Criminals, because it’s written fairly episodic, which means that you can jump in at any point and still follow what’s going on).

Goodreads Description: Katarina Bishop and W.W. Hale the fifth were born to lead completely different lives: Kat comes from a long, proud line of loveable criminal masterminds, while Hale is the scion of one of the most seemingly perfect dynasties in the world. If their families have one thing in common, it’s that they both know how to stay under the radar while getting-or stealing-whatever they want. No matter the risk, the Bishops can always be counted on, but in Hale’s family, all bets are off when money is on the line. When Hale unexpectedly inherits his grandmother’s billion dollar corporation, he quickly learns that there’s no place for Kat and their old heists in his new role. But Kat won’t let him go that easily, especially after she gets tipped off that his grandmother’s will might have been altered in an elaborate con to steal the company’s fortune. So instead of being the heir-this time, Hale might be the mark. Forced to keep a level head as she and her crew fight for one of their own, Kat comes up with an ambitious and far-reaching plan that only the Bishop family would dare attempt. To pull it off, Kat is prepared to do the impossible, but first, she has to decide if she’s willing to save her boyfriend’s company if it means losing the boy.


So, there you have it. Two fantastic, signed books. Two chances to win. One blogiversary giveaway.

The sweepstakes will run until the end of the year, so that means you’ve got until the ball drops on January 1st, 2014 to enter. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Follow this Link to the Super Crazy Awesome 2nd Blogiversary Rafflecopter Giveaway of Awesome

In other news, Hannah and I are participating in Project for Awesome this year (what is Project for Awesome? learn about it here), and it would mean a lot to us if you watched our video, left a comment, voted for our cause, whatever. Our video is about Girl Rising, which is an organization spreading education throughout the world one girl at a time. (And if you aren’t interested in supporting Girl Rising specifically, it would also be awesome if you just supported Project for Awesome in general, because it’s such a great opportunity to make the world a little bit better.)

Watch our video/vote for Girl Rising here.

Learn more about Girl Rising, from the source, here.

Check out Project for Awesome here.

And a couple other Project for Awesome videos you should watch: DFTBA UM for Cancer Support Community and National Novel Writing Month.



Thanks for all the support the past two years, and Happy 2nd Blogiversary to you! Let’s make the next two years even better.


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  2. *comments like a total gold-digger* xD Thank YOU, Jules, for keeping up such a great blog for two years—and for putting up with me for even longer. ❤ Love you. ❤


  3. Julia Congratulations and thank you, i have not been around for the full 2 years i joined in April but you have been such an inspirations, because of you i write for fun, i have tried 2 nanowrimos and one camp nano winning two out of three. i never could have imagined doing that before meeting you. seeing your new posts make my day everyone of my friends know who i am talking about when i mention julia. you are my idol and i am excited to read you for years to come no matter what format it is (Someday i will see you in print, and hopefully get it signed by you. (That would be a dream come true.) seeing you success has even gotten me to start my own blog today i opened a word press account rachel recaps and now i am a blogger too but nothing compared to you. keep doing what your doing because you are so close to perfect i love it. congrats again.


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