Wordy Wednesday (“With Time”)

So, as I mentioned last week, the Hopwood Underclassmen Awards Ceremony happened, and it was all very cool and special and it meant I got to see my family for the first time in a while (and gorge on Macaroni Grill for free–thanks, Mom and Dad). I am so grateful for everyone’s support and the fact that opportunities like the Hopwoods exist for student writers period and GAH. Sometimes life is just awesome, you know?


Also, I finally got the chance to put together a vlog about the Yule Ball the Michigan Quidditch Team put on a couple weeks ago, so if you want to check out what that was like (hint: it was fantastic), you can watch that here.

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is the lyrics to a song called “With Time.”


[Capo 4—Am, C, Em, D]


I don’t know

How to tell you what’s going on

Because I don’t even understand

I don’t know

How to let you help me

Because I don’t even know if I am broken


Is this a dent or a fracture

A detour on the way to happily ever after

Or ending of some kind

Am I something broken

Or just a heart falling open

For the world to see into my mind

I guess I’ll figure it out with time


The other day I was walking down the street

And I just couldn’t move my feet

It was like the cement

was trading places with my bones

And I don’t know

How to read a map

Because I don’t even know where I am at

[Repeat CHORUS]


Falling or flying, I don’t know the difference

It all looks the same from a close enough distance

And I don’t know how to read my own thoughts in my head

Sometimes it’s easier to rely on things already said

[Repeat CHORUS]


I’ll figure it out with time.




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