Steal Emma Stone’s Casual, Cute Style

Last week I got an email alerting me to a neat opportunity to collaborate with the Paul Fredrick company’s blog on a series about how to “steal” various celebrities’ style. You can read their central post on their blog here, about copying Leonardo DiCaprio’s style, and I’m going to talk about actress Emma Stone’s.

Here we go.


This is Emma Stone at a movie premiere.

Gorgeous, right? [Photo found here.]

What I love about Emma Stone is that no matter what she’s doing, she keeps things classy and simple (you know, outside of when she’s in character as someone like Olive from Easy A). From red carpet to walking down the street, she knows how to express her personality and look cute without going over the top.

[Photo found here.]

[Photo found here.]

[Photo found here, but originally from Just Jared. Obviously.]

Her style focuses on comfort and practicality, so think skinny jeans, thick scarves, and jackets and oversize sweaters.

Doesn’t she look SO happy here? (As much as I enjoy getting a chance to see celebs in their natural habitat, I can’t even imagine how awful it must be having random creeps follow you around with cameras all the time.) [Photo found here.]

This outfit is quintessential Emma Stone. Perfect for a day in the city or a night in with friends, it’s versatile and practical without slipping into frumpy or boring.

First thing you’ll need in order to wear this look is a nice pair of medium wash skinny jeans. I’m a big fan of American Eagle’s, because they come with a lot of stretch, so they’re easy to move in and don’t feel too constricting while maintaining the flattering, leg-hugging look of the skinny cut.

AE Skinny JeansAmerican Eagle, $34.95

Next up, it’s sweater time. Emma’s is long but fairly form-fitting, in a neutral color. Forever 21 has a similar one that leans towards baggy without hiding your figure.

Forever 21 SweaterForever 21, $15.80

Emma’s ankle boots add a nice touch of trendiness to the outfit. All the neutral tones in this look work well by, you know, being neutral. This gives it an overall casual air by not drawing attention to any particular piece. On the other hand, the fact that the pieces are all in different neutral tones allows the outfit to still be interesting and seem more colorful than it actually is.

Famous Footwear, $55.99

Next you’re going to want a comfy jacket a bit on the thinner side, so it keeps you warm without having to go full-blown Eskimo. Emma’s has nice tailoring to show off her thin figure and its quirky toggles add a nice touch of personality.

Target, $24.98

And the last major piece to complete Emma’s look: her big, cozy scarf. This thing looks like it’s as soft as a basket of kittens. (I’m jealous.) The alternating grey and black pattern also draw the other hues of the outfit together, completing the look, and the fact that it’s a circle/infinity scarf keeps it current.

Target, $14.99

Go light on the makeup with this look and wear you hair either up in a high ponytail, or down loose and natural. If you have bangs, sweep them across your forehead to look effortlessly put together, and either keep your nails plain and clean, or try out a darker polish, like the gorgeous medium crimson Emma wears with this outfit.

“Forever Young” shade by Essie, $8.50

And, of course, don’t forget a cool pair of shades for when the adoring paparazzi comes calling.

Claire's AviatorsClaire’s $5.00


So, there you go! How to dress like Emma Stone. (Now we just need to figure out how to find guys like hers too, amiright?)

Once again, you can check out the Paul Fredrick company’s blog post on how to steal Leonardo DiCaprio’s style here, and thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Steal Emma Stone’s Casual, Cute Style

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  2. hey I loved this post Julia, but I could use with some support because I have started a new blog (I’m one of the bloggers who liked this) hope you guys can check it out and can anyone give me some tips on blogging? I would appreciate the help!!
    Writer Girl, going offline xoxo


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    • Haha, of course. I’m hoping to do a spring Fashion Friday sometime next month, so look out for that. The clothes will go on ebay as soon as this semester’s over, so I’m home to actually sell and ship them. 🙂


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