Wordy Wednesday (“I Miss You”)

This past week has been a busy one. I can’t talk about some of what’s been going on because they aren’t my stories to tell, but amongst the things I can talk about: one of my best friends in the whole world visited over the weekend, and it was really nice to see her because we hardly ever get to hang out anymore. And–oh yeah–I (along with like half the people I know) scored tickets to the Detroit premiere of Divergent next week. Which is like ADKRUALDNRKLSJR-level exciting. Oh my gosh.

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a poem called “I Miss You.”


You used to mean everything, and now you mean nothing

and I don’t know which I miss more—you

or the freedom of not having to remember you.

Sometimes I get so caught up in

living in the moment

that I forget that the next moment

might be worth living in too.




8 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday (“I Miss You”)

  1. short sweet and simple i like it. so you have gotten through over a year of college. the spring semester seems to be far harder than the fall one. does it ever get easier cuz you and me are both beyond busy all the time it seems.


    • It definitely does get easier–my problem really is that I decided to murder myself this semester by taking on a ton in order to subsequently have easier junior and senior years. On the other hand, second semester of a school year is just always more difficult, since summer being right around the corner = massive focus issues.

      Push through! You can do this!


      • thanks i think i can make it through. i know i am not alone because like all my friends are feeling the crunch but i have it worst because of all the extracurriculars i am in. it’s more than last semester and i have more credits and sorority stuff but i wouldn’t want to give up on any of the fun things. hearing about your friend visit makes me want to visit you some day like really bad.


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