Wordy Wednesday: “The Way Back”


And, of course, you should see Divergent when it comes out this weekend (the trailer’s not as recent, but obviously still worth a watch):

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a poem I wrote about a year and a half ago, towards the beginning of college. Like for a lot of people, the beginning of my freshman year was a little bit rough, as I transitioned to being away from home and the people I’d known basically since I was born for the first time. However, I was really lucky to have a nice church just a few blocks up the street from me, and although I’m not really a Go to Church Every Sunday kind of person, I did do that until I had found my place at the university. And it was really helpful.

So, this poem is about that.

Heat seeping from the waxed paper cup into my fingers,
warm, warm, warm like the summer
and a smile on my lips, right at the corners, as I shuffle down
the street with my favorite sweater snuggled tight against my shoulders
and the sun blinding me—so bright—over everything.

I found God, this morning, in the little things,
like alarm clocks and cold showers and a biting wind,
trying to keep me away from church but unable to stop
my progression up the street, and now it’s warm, and it’s sunny,
and it’s beautiful. The way back is beautiful, as I shuffle down
the street towards home.

The way back is beautiful.


83Taking a “thanks for reading” picture in public rarely turns out well.



PS. I’ve got another Big News post coming your way sometime in the near future. I can’t specify when, because some things are still up in the air, but SOON.

PPS. I got a 91% on the multiple choice portion of the psych exam. Still waiting to hear back on the short answer portion, but LOOK AT THAT–I DIDN’T FAIL.

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