Wordy Wednesday: Change

It’s summer!!! I’m done with finals, I’ve moved home, and planning for Ch1Con and study abroad is heading in the direction of Very Intense. (We’re hoping to get the registration forms for Ch1Con up any day now. Cross your fingers.)

Also, The Amazing Spider-Man 2comes out tomorrow night and I am 100% ready to geek out over it.

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a song I wrote for my medieval literature class this semester. We had an extra credit assignment to make a public tribute to the 1381 rebels, and I figured that while the rebels might not have appreciated my out-of-tune ukelele, they probably would still have liked a song in their honor.



We are a story of
conquered conquerors,
a constellation that burned out
long before the history books gave us a name.
Isn’t that strange?

And they build monuments
to our apparent failures,
but the people building them wouldn’t
if they were still under our jailors,

so maybe the Rising fell,
but we didn’t fail.

And so we stand,
and so we fight.
And we will stand our ground
as the horizon fades to night.

And they will tell us to run away,
but we are done with running from
those who gave us a cage.

They might not remember our names,
but they’ll remember our flames
as we introduce the world
to change.

We are not a lesson of how
not to lead a movement,
because we held our dignity
and watched the upper Estates lose it.

We dumped the gold,
shouting for what was right,
and they clung to what was old
as the people displayed their might.

So maybe one day we decided to go home,
but in the future you have the right to roam.

[Repeat CHORUS]

Call us the losing side,
but time changed tides.
You are where you are because of us.

It takes some losses, to lead to a win;
it takes some conceding to make the other side give in.

So you can listen to the books saying
we deserved to lose,
or you can remember it takes time
to heal a bruise.

If we truly lost,
you would still be paying the cost.

[Repeat CHORUS]






7 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: Change

  1. i hope i am not pushing the bounderie but i think that song is adorable i love it and you are great i was smiling and wanting to cry the whole song i think i say it earlier because i follow your youtube channel but i half forgot about it so glad for this post it was a nice one. quick blog question. do you ever feel that you want to post like a lot of thing like one a day practically and if so do you just do it i know you did the november daily thing but other than that.


    • Aww thanks, Rachel. 🙂

      If I have a lot of posts I want to write at once and actually have the time to write them, I’ll definitely post several days in a row. I AM careful, though, about making promises to post a lot–like doing every day in November. I was actually heavily considering posting every day in May this year, except I’m busy with a lot of not-super-interesting-to-blog-about stuff right now, so when it came down to it, it didn’t make sense. Not every post has to be stellar, but I do prefer for the majority of them to be at least semi-interesting, you know?

      So basically: I’m not likely to make PROMISES of posting a lot these days, but if I have a lot of stuff I want to share, I’ll post as often as I need to. (Does that answer your question? I feel like my answer is very long and rambly and probably does not actually answer your question. 😛 )


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