Wordy Wednesday: Madre mi Madre

Exactly one month from today, the 2014 Chapter One Young Writers Conference will take place! I know I’ve been flooding you with Ch1Con stuff lately, so I’m not going to ramble too much about it now. But know that I am very excited, and if you’re a young writer looking for something to do Saturday, June 14th and/or Sunday, June 15th, you should register for the conference here.

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. I got my (wonderfully impacted) bottom wisdom teeth out Friday morning, so I spent the entire weekend hopped up on Vicodin and unable to eat solid foods. Proof that my mother is amazing: She spent the entire weekend changing my ice packs and making me mushy food and getting up in the middle of the night to make sure I took my medicine.

This is just one of the zillions of great things my mom has done for me. I have no idea what I’d do without her.

So, as a thank you to my amazing madre, this week’s Wordy Wednesday is a song I wrote about her. (I was planning to put a video up on Youtube, but my mouth is still too swollen to sing. Sorry!)


VERSE1 [C, G, Am, F]
So this is a kind of funny story
And it might get a little folklore-y
But we’re talking guts and glory here

This is the story of a superhero
And everyone should know her name

There’s no need to explain
But I will anyway

And I am just so thankful
To have you in my life
Don’t know what I would do
Without you

And I am oh so grateful
To have you here today
Don’t you know you are the very best
Madre mi Madre

You helped me with my homework,
Proofread every story and give me tough love
All the many times I need it

You have such a giving heart,
It really sets you apart
And almost all my memories have you,
Because of the great things you do

You deserve to be remembered,
Every single day of the year

[Repeat CHORUS]

BRIDGE [Am, F, C, G]
And I could spend a million years
Talking about how great you are
You do everything,
Even bought your not-musically-inclined daughter a guitar

[Repeat CHORUS]


91Also, protip: Don’t wear a shirt with a tight collar when you have oral surgery. You will not be able to take it off while you’re all swollen and sensitive, therefore leaving you with no choice but to wear the disgusting thing for a week straight. (Ugh.)




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