BookCon Weekend

BookCon starts tomorrow!

I’m so excited for this weekend. It’s been over a year since I last was in New York City (a travesty) and, on top of that, mi madre and I are meeting up with friends there. One of them I haven’t seen in over a year; one I haven’t seen in going on two years; and the other I just saw last week (but we’re going to ignore that fact because Hannah is wonderful).

I’m here today to let you know that as long as I have time and internet access, I’m going to be flooding you with blog posts this weekend. So prepare yo’self.

Here’s to hoping we actually manage to get into a couple panels and autograph sessions! (Other weekend goals: “Accidentally” run into a famous author. Meet Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York and/or Grumpy Cat. Save the world.)

If you’re at BookCon and see me, make sure to come say hello! I’ll be the one fangirling over literally everything.

Countdown to BookCon: ONE. DAY.



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