Because Dreams Do Come True

So I’m going to attempt to type this on my phone, which is awkwardly plugged into a converter plugged into a plug strip tucked between my mini fridge and massive desk, because I do not currently have internet in my dorm room, but Vodafone gave me free unlimited data for the next couple days as thanks for buying my UK SIM card through them. So yeah. Bear with me, here.

We made it safely through our stays in Amsterdam, Paris, and London (although the Parisians did give me a nasty cold–probably as thanks for my lack of ability to even pronounce, “Do you speak English?” properly). Now, we’ve arrived at our home base for the summer: Oxford!!!

Everything is gorgeous here. The buildings, nature, accents. I can’t get over the fact that THIS IS MY HOME AND SCHOOL FOR THE NEXT FIVE WEEKS. I keep thinking how it was only a little over a year ago that I came to Oxford for the first time and fell in love and promised myself I would come back someday. And it’s crazy how sometimes dreams do come true.

Hopefully I’ll get my internet working sometime in the next few days (now THAT would be a dream come true). In the meantime, classes start in the morning and I’m really nervous but also incredibly excited. I’m studying the Inklings of Oxford (aka C.S. Lewis and Tolkien and that whole bunch) and it’s so surreal that this class is taking place right in the middle of where they actually lived and worked and wrote. My inner Narnia nerd cannot handle it.

I’m going to attempt to get some sleep, but fingers crossed, please, for me getting proper internet soon. Thanks for hanging in there all through this crazy summer! Love you!


P.S. How can this even be real life?


5 thoughts on “Because Dreams Do Come True

  1. Enjoy your first day of classes at Oxford!!! And, I hope the internet situation is remedied quickly for you.


  2. That’s awesome… many, many years ago I studied for three months at Westminster College, a small teacher’s college on the outskirts of the town of Oxford. (I don’t think it’s still there.) I spent weekends at Cambridge with the British boy I loved. It was a dream come true. Enjoy yourself! Soak it all in. Let yourself be changed by it :-).


  3. Jealousy. So much jealousy 😉 I had no idea you were studying while you were abroad! Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to do that too sometime during college. 🙂
    That building IS SO GORGEOUS. Gosh, I can just imagine myself snapping HUNDREDS of pictures. XD


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