Posting Every Day in November!

It’s October 28th, which means it’s almost that time of year again.

That’s right.


And after all the fun posting every day of November was last year, I’m doing it again! (Don’t you groan at me.)

Lots of other exciting things will also be happening during November this year, so stay tuned for those announcements too. (Some possibly coming next week?) (Not that you heard it from me.) (Shhhh, WHO TOLD YOU THAT.)

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo, I want to be your buddy so we can complain together cheer each other on! My profile:

Also, you should watch our November Ch1Con Chat discussing NaNo! Info here.

And yeah. Talk to you tomorrow for this week’s Wordy Wednesday, then November (and posting every day) begins Saturday!


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