NaNo Day 2: Homework. And, Yeah, Homework.

A breakdown of how I spent my time yesterday:

  • 5% Revising
  • 10% Homework
  • 10% Hanging out with friends. (To any lovely Oxford people reading this, especially Jenny: HI. I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR VISITING.)
  • 75% NaNoWriMo

… Which is how I ended up writing 6,034 words before Day 1 was done.

Because of that, though, I’m way behind on homework now, so I’m going to have to spend the rest of today trying to catch up writing the two papers due this week. (Luckily my goal for today was only to write a thousand words, so I did that as soon as I got up, and now I’m off to the Land of Homework.)

If you’d like to keep up with the Ch1Con team’s NaNoing as a whole, team member Emma is posting our word counts and favorite lines from each day on the conference Tumblr. Check that out here.

Goal for today: 1,000.

Overall goal: 6,000.

Current word count: 7,140.

How’s NaNoWriMo going so far? Did you have a good first day? Let me know in the comments!


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