NaNo Day 3: Announcements Imminent

So I’m currently listening to 1989 (thank you very much to my amazing roommate Emily for picking it up at Target this weekend), and while it’s not my favorite Taylor Swift album (that will forever and always be Speak Now) and I had a lot of reservations about buying it (Wonderland‘s what sold me), I’m enjoying it now. And it’s making me want to dance. So that’s good. (Realizing as this plays that I actually like basically all the songs but the singles, and those will probably grow on me anyway, so whoooooooo T-Swift does it again.)

Today I scheduled as a non-writing day because I knew my procrastinating butt well enough to realize I wouldn’t have finished my term paper first draft due Tuesday yet. What I didn’t realize was that I also wouldn’t have started it. (Which is to say: I can’t even remember what my topic proposal from a month ago is about. Um.) So, I’m off to rock out to “Bad Blood” and, you know, figure out what I’m writing this paper on.

While I’m off drowning in peer-reviewed film journals and eighty-year-old movies: ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE COMING VERY SOON. Like a couple things possibly probably tomorrow and other things later this week and I am dying from the anticipation, dude. Keep your eyes on the Chapter One Young Writers Conference site and social media.

And a reminder that the November Ch1Con Chat is this Thursday at 8 PM EST and we’ll be discussing NaNoWriMo! Find more info here.

Talk to you tomorrow as everything starts coming together! AHHHH!

Goal for today: 0.

Overall goal: 6,000.

Current word count: 7,140.


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